The Best Business Law Firms In Europe

Setting up a business in Europe is an excellent idea if you have what it takes. Besides capital and talent, you will also need the help of a law firm that understands the terrain. They will help you with everything, from business formation to loans and hiring laws.

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Here are the best business law firms in Europe.

De Micco And Friends

While De Micco and Friends is based in Spain, it serves clients in different parts of Europe. They specialize in real estate transactions, company formation, litigation, immigration, and other law fields that you need some talent. Investors and corporate entities can rely on their vast experience to deliver an outstanding solution to establish their business.

Asa Lawyers

ASA prides itself on its ability to execute projects with precise accuracy. Whatever your needs are, their team of lawyers is always ready to find a suitable solution. The company invests in supporting the internationalization of individuals and companies with the capacity to always meet clients’ legal issues. Teresa do Brito Apolónia, the company’s founding partner, is a giant in business law. Her records of achievement show competence, capability, and exceptional quality. She uses her exceptional leadership to direct the affairs of ASA Lawyers and ensure they deliver representation for all their clients.

Oikonomakis Christos

With offices in the UK, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, and Germany, there is no problem that Oikonomakis Christos can’t solve. The law firm undertakes at least 2,000 law cases every year, making them one of Europe’s most prolific. They believe in their boldness, exceptionality, support, and collaborative efforts.

What makes Oikonomakis Christos Law shine is their ability to find the perfect solution for every client. Their team of lawyers undergoes regular training to understand all the changes taking place in the business world, which is a massive advantage for the clients they serve.

The firm and its lawyers belong to national and international organizations, law firm networks, industry networks, and chambers. They also have contact with governments, embassies, and consulate, spreading their nets wide to serve their client to the best. Oikonomakis Christos is one of the best people to contact when starting a business in Europe, or you need investment advice.

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If you’re looking for a law firm that is compliant with modern technology, you should try Cederquist. The business law firm based in Stockholm, Sweden, has about 160 employees. With more than 100 lawyers working in the firm, you don’t have to worry about anything. Cederquist is equipped with all the latest and modern technology gadgets, which they employ to help provide excellent results for their clients.

They can handle all types of business legal issues, no matter how simple or complex. Modernity is at the center of their operation. Using a commercial approach, Cederquist seeks to research and discover the best way to handle every case. So, every customer is important to them, and they take every case very seriously. You can rely on their specialist competence and diversity to deliver an impressive result.