The Key To Creating Great Ads For Your Business During The Pandemic

The current pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has forced businesses all over the world to change strategies and to adjust to the new environment. Some businesses have sadly been forced to close as a result of what has happened, and others are taking risks in order to ensure their own survival.

Digital advertising

One thing we have seen during this time, which has offered a saving grace for many, is the reliance on the digital world from both the consumer and business. Marketing guru Steven Fisackerly was speaking the other day about how digital marketing is seeing more investment than ever before and that is of course because so many customers are at home, spending their time online.

If you are looking to create a great ad for your business right now, here are some tips on how to do it well

Judging Tone

The first instinct here is to make an ad which plays on the current theme of the pandemic but what is going to be absolutely essential here is that you have an understanding of the tone in which to do it. You would think for example that this would give lager giant Corona the perfect opportunity to advertise but the truth is that in doing so they will really risk insensitivity.

We have to remember that this virus has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people which is why judging tone is absolutely critical.

Be With The Audience

Usually when you convey a message to the public it is one of speaking to them, in this case however you will be far better off speaking with them. Adding the human element gives that feeling of being in it together and this is something which will certainly resonate with your potential customers. If you come across like you are being opportunistic you will do more damage than good with your ad.

Online purchase

Instant Buy

Now is most certainly not a time when you can be looking at growing your brand’s visibility with your ad dollars, this in fact is the worse thing that you could be spending money on. A far better option here is to look at putting those ad dollars to work from the off, and looking to promote ads with an instant buy feature. This gets people to your page and it puts money in the bank now, when you need it most.

Smell What Sells

When you are marketing a product it is going to be more important than ever before that you are conscious of what kind of products are going to sell. In the same way that selling thick coats in summer wouldn’t work, selling dresses for parties during a lockdown won’t work either. You have to understand what people are buying given the current climate and then push hard on those products. Even if this is a product which you do not usually sell, it will be worthwhile pushing something that you know will get purchased.

Tweak your ads online for better success during this tough time.