3 Places Economic Consultants Can Work after College

If there’s one thing on college students’ minds in their last couple of years of school, it’s where they’ll be able to use their degree and find employment after graduation. Either that or they wonder how they can expand their horizons by continuing to go to school to further their education. Research has found that more than 65% of people with economic degrees get employment within six months of graduation, while many others enroll in graduate school.

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Not only does that sound promising for students enrolled in this degree program, but it should give them the confidence to start looking for possible work even before their degree is in their hands.

Here are three places that economic consultants can work after college.

Economic Consulting Firms

Economic consulting firms are a great choice for someone who has just graduated with an economics degree or is about to. These might seem like an ideal pick for a place to get their feet wet in the industry right out of college, as there will be many senior employees there that they can shadow and learn the ropes from. Consulting in business can be perfected over time, as perfection and hands-on knowledge come with experience.

Those looking at getting hired by an economic consulting firm should be aware that there is a hiring process. Before going in for your interview, be sure to prepare to answer why you want to work at a firm and share any relevant thesis or research work from your years in college.

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Their Own Economist Business

It’s the American dream to work for yourself, which is why this is something that many economic consultants aim for. In this day and age, it’s a lot easier to create your own business with all the resources and social media available online, making advertising and global communication a breeze.

Being remote also allows for expanding business rather quickly, allowing a person to do economic consulting in Washington D.C. as well as offering services in Miami at the same time. With each city just being a flight away, it’s possible to not only build but grow your own business in a very short amount of time. Plus, owning your own business means that you make all the rules and gives you the option to work alone or hire others to assist you.

Economist Tutor at Colleges

Economic consultants will never go out of style, which is great for job security. Fortunately, the economy is something that will always matter, so people with a degree in economics even have the option to continue and share their knowledge of the subject by tutoring on a college campus.

Many students need help to grasp certain concepts, so this is a valuable position to pursue if you enjoy staying in the education field. This may also be a good job option for economic consultants who are pursuing a higher degree and looking for some work on the side to generate some income.