Elevations RTC Sets the Standard for Accredited Curriculums at Residential Treatment Centers

Searching for the right residential treatment center? Like any program linked to education, accreditation is a must for many. It is one of the proudest labels for Elevations RTC, earning them instant credibility in a growing section of education and rehabilitation.

Teen and his advisor

Most know that accredited programs trump non-accredited programs, but what type of difference should people expect? Elevations RTC believes they have set the standard for accredited curriculums, putting students on the path to success now and in the future.

The goal of accreditation

When a program like Elevations RTC receives accreditation from two Department of Educations, it proves to families that they are a trusted institution of education. They were able to meet acceptable levels of high-quality teaching, and they have shown that they are more than just a business trying to throw things together to cash in. This is becoming an increasing problem with residential treatment centers around the country, as non-accredited programs are setting up to take advantage.

Attending a non-accredited residential treatment center can also complicate the transition back home after graduation. Many students need to finish up high school back home, and those credits from the time they are at a residential treatment center are required. Elevations RTC ensures that they can get those credits transferred since they are an accredited institution. Without accreditation, some of those credits from alternatives could prove to be worthless.

Picking quality teachers

The teaching staff at Elevations RTC is small but extremely selective. Just six eight teachers make up the current staff. The small group of teachers helps give students more individualized attention and specialized help as well.

One reason why Elevations RTC works is that teachers can adapt some of the curriculums on the fly. If a particular strategy is not working, they can make some tweaks and try to break through in other ways with the teenagers. A lot of this comes down to experience, and it is one of the reasons why the program is so selective in bringing in new teachers.

Teachers are available to talk to parents if they need updates as well. Teachers work directly with the specialists who interact with students as well, and everyone stays on the same page so that they know what is going on with every current student.

A unique atmosphere

Learning goes beyond just the classroom, and the campus set up at Elevations RTC is one of the biggest selling points. This is a perfect location for people to interact with others and perhaps learn a bit about themselves along the way.

The campus set up at Elevations RTC is, in many ways, perfect for handling the current COVID-19 pandemic. Since students are staying on campus and isolated from the rest of the world, they are protected from picking up the virus. The same type of protection would not be possible back home in a traditional school. Since all students are isolated, they are not required to wear a face mask all the time.

Isolation on the campus also allows for plenty of extracurricular activities that could develop into passions for students. If every student at Elevations RTC develops a passion of some sort, they can use it as a way to escape any troubles that might still be lingering.

A campus also ensures that the focus is on getting back on the right track instead of any distractions. It is easy in some treatment centers to have distractions, especially if a child is not living there all the time. The location of Elevations RTC is isolated enough to eliminate distractions but still close enough for all of the big city needs with Salt Lake City just down the road.

Successful graduates

If an accredited curriculum is not enough to convince people that Elevations RTC is different from the rest, there is proof with results. The program has had the opportunity to enjoy many successful graduates and their stories after returning home and starting life with a new perspective.

From time to time, Elevations RTC will invite these individuals back to talk to students and families. There are a lot of doubts people have whenever a new program is started, and it is completely normal to wonder if a residential treatment program is the right solution. If an individual can stick with it through the end, there is definite potential to see changes that last a lifetime. In a few short years, current students can come back and advise a new crop as a successful graduate if they wish.

Questions or concerns? The staff at Elevations RTC is always transparent

Elevations RTC has always encouraged prospective students and families to visit the campus before enrolling, if possible. With current restrictions and potential health risks related to COVID-19, many are looking for alternative ways to learn about the program virtually. It might not be quite the same, but there are still ways to gather information.

Every staff member at Elevations RTC is happy to answer questions and concerns anyone has before committing. Accredited institutions do not shy away from questions. They are as transparent as possible to put everyone at ease. This is a significant decision, and there are more questions than ever from people as they try to understand expectations and changes related to COVID-19.

A lot of the most common questions are answered on the website, https://www.elevationsrtc.com/. Those wishing to reach out and talk to someone specifically can use the “Contact Us” page for more information.