Some Tips How To Write an Admission Essay

An admission essay is a text, which students have to write when they apply for a college or university course. According to the standard, such an essay should not be longer than two pages, which is approximately 300-500 words. That is why you should structure your thoughts and choose the words carefully.

Students who do not have enough writing experience, use the college admission essay writing service, which they can easily find on the internet. A professional writer will accomplish the task fast and with great results. Here are some admission essay writing tips suitable for both students and business owners who are running a writing business focusing on essays.

Admission essay writing tips

You should know in advance which type of an admission essay you need to write: statement of purpose, letters of interest, or personal statement. There is no universal rule when it comes to admission essays. The most important is that it has to be unique. It is a great chance to demonstrate your traits, specialties, and attitude. This essay is the key to get enrolled in the institution of your dream.

What are the main steps to write an admission essay?

Start with visiting the official website of the college/university you want to apply. Check the mission and the main direction of this educational institution. What values does the university or college proclaim? Do not forget to read about specific requirements to simplify your essay.

We recommend you to make a list of the core points you plan to include in your admission essay. Try to provide answers to the following questions like: “Why do you want to apply to this educational institution?”; “What do I like the most about the course you chose?”; “What you have any past experiences, which might help you?”

Consider the structure of your essay before you start writing. In the beginning, you can include general information about yourself, the most relevant experiences related to your course of study. You can write several paragraphs about your motivation to study at this institution. You can end this section by mentioning your activities and hobbies and how they correlate to the course you apply for.

The conclusion of your admission essay should have a sentence which you address the committee. Use a formal manner to explain your strong desire and motivation to enroll in this institution. Mention that you look forward to the decision of the board.

Once your essay is written, you should lay it aside for a while. Once you have a fresh look, do proofreading. Avoid too general writing. Any sentence without a clear meaning should be rewritten. Make sure that your essay presents your personality, abilities, and strong motivation to the selected discipline of your future profession.

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Dos and Don’ts while writing an admission essay

Write the following:

  • Use special writing techniques to make your writing sound more grounded.
  • Present yourself effectively.
  • Start writing the essay in advance. Spare some time to check each university/college to which you apply.
  • Brainstorm the Pkey points on which you will base your admission essay.
  • Leave at least a day to let your essay lay aside. You will check your draft with a fresh look and will refine your work correctly.
  • Proofread several times.
  • Stay creative in your writing. Your text has to be highly-competitive and to stand out. Prove that you deserve this place.
  • Include relevant information.

Avoid writing the following:

  • Don’t try to be the “know-it-all” type of applicant.
  • Don’t use pre-built essay templates. You will spoil your admission essay by using too many cliches.
  • Don’t write information about yourself which is not related to the topic. Find out what specific question is formulated by your college or university and try to give a detailed answer in your essay.
  • Your essay should not be chaotic and based on the information you found in the booklet or brochure. Instead, you should do proper research and find the information about the stuff, history, study program, values, mission, and even the campus.


We do hope that you have a clear idea what an admission essay is and should you should write it. Start with settling on the appropriate tone. Your essay should be formal but not business-like. Remember that you are just the candidate, not the professor yet. Do your best to demonstrate your respect and positive attitude for the committee.

Express your creativity. The key is to make your admission essay to be different from all the candidates.