Bitcoin, a New Investment Pool

The year 2020 has shown us many new things, everything has changed in this year, from the lifestyle to economical behavior, the work style and even the investment style has also changed. There are over $ 250 trillion in assets that are looking for a good store of value these days and there is no better option than Bitcoin. It has better storage value than other tech stocks or gold and in the days to come.

Bitcoin investment

Bitcoin volatility is not so much

In the past the main objection we heard from investors who would not let them invest in Bitcoin was its volatility according to an expert while giving a speech on this topic says that he has studied the volatility of different assets for more than the last six months reviewed 10-year assets 30-year assets Russell 2000, Gold, Apple, Silver, Amazon, NASDAQ, Facebook, Google and many more and noticed that their volatility compared to Bitcoin realized that every day they noticed more volatility in these assets than BTC and many other volatile days, found them 80-90 percent more volatile.

It was just word of mouth or people’s belief that BTC is more volatile than other assets, it has not shown volatility in the last three months and its volatility characteristics will remain the same in the next decade as the last decade, while Store of Value is discussed the CEO of Microstrategy proceeded to say that how traders use Apple shares, exclaimed that investors were using Apple shares as Store of Value due to their deflation while Apple is buying them back and think that Apple is a reliable store of value, even if we check Apple’s history chart, we will find it more volatile than Bitcoin in the last six months.

Big Tech Investors Investing in Bitcoin

Last week, Michael Saylor described a highly optimistic case for the value of bitcoin, saying that the Nasdaq listed a large technology company, Microstrategy, which invested more than 425 million US dollars in Bitcoin as its reserve asset.

He said that they are always big investors in technology because technology is something that can eat everything in the world, if you find the right time and power, buy it, own it, keep it and wait until it comes to light, gave examples from Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon It is not a matter of time that you have bought the technological assets, the truth is that if you have not had any assets between 2010 and 2020, you can lose money at any time but you will winning and had happened to people who had invested in the socks of tech companies, the CEO of Microstrategy added that it is the first system network in history that has extracted monetary power, Bitcoin has shown that it has extraordinary value and power that are pulling monetary energy towards him.

Now, most of the tech giants are thinking of investing more and more in Bitcoin because they know that it can stay here for decades and it won’t bleed out and they won’t lose 2 or 4 percent in the next year, they will only make a profit from learn more about this the bitcoin lifestyle platform.

Gold continues to hold its place with Bitcoin

Gold is still the favorite store of value asset for traders in addition to other stocks and cryptocurrencies, it is not even as good as Bitcoin because other stocks are not scarce because manufacturers can make more and more and gold can be found because there is three times the amount of underground gold. the amount above ground and the US government and printing more bills, even Apple stocks, is not because they have competitive risk, regulatory risk, and more, so they are not good for long-term investments.

If you invest $ 100 million in gold, gold miners only earn 2-3 percent more in a year and for 100 years you will not have the power to buy, it worked as stores of value in the past because there was no one alternative available, everything has changed now in the current day you have the ant option that is digital gold because you can not do more and the miners are mostly owners of bitcoins, how they can make themselves lose they have stored 100 million for more than 100 years. chances of losing are 85 percent if you invest in gold because maybe the country of the bank or bank goes bankrupt or is seized by someone.