Bitcoin and Its Contenders

The digital trading market is the new big thing, that has been ruling this 21st century. Like many types of traditional physical currencies, the digital crypto market has its own Cryptocurrencies. Out of many cryptocurrencies made till the date, some went down straight away and some have managed to rule the trading market.


There is a huge list of Cryptocurrencies that are being circulated in the digital trading market Some of these currencies are mentioned in the list below:

  1. Bitcoin also is known as BTC
  2. Ripple also is known as XRP
  3. Ethereum also is known as ETH
  4. Tether also is known as USDT
  5. Libra also is known as LIBRA
  6. Monero also is known as XMR
  7. Litecoin also is known as LTC, etc.

Among all the Cryptocurrencies that are being used in the market, Bitcoin cryptocurrency has a special place. Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a very efficient and valuable type of digital currency that is being used around the globe for trading and other purposes. In the World of Cryptocurrencies, the rise of one currency brings the downtime of the other currency.

Bitcoin is crushing the game as its prices are elevating day by day. Although the future of the digital currency is unpredictable still it can be seen that the rates of the Bitcoin cryptocurrencies are raising day by day.

Historical Comparison of Bitcoin with Others

Back in the year 2017, the price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has increased to a very great extent, This increase in the rates of the Bitcoin cryptocurrencies has effected the digital cryptocurrency market in a number of ways. If we see in-depth about the relationship of bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies it can be seen that the rise if one type of Cryptocurrency always results in the fall of the other cryptocurrency and vice versa. This trend is not new and is being followed for a couple of years now.

Bitcoin is ruling the World of cryptocurrency like a pro. In the year 2017, the trade of the bitcoin was at 40 percent and the market value of the bitcoin cryptocurrency was fairly high. These high rates of Bitcoin cryptocurrencies have caused a decrease in the rates of the US dollar as well as other cryptocurrencies.

In the year 2019, the total market worth owned by the bitcoin currency in comparison to other cryptocurrencies was around 60 percent and it was not a small number.

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Bitcoin prices

Effects of Rising of The Bitcoin

The recent trends in the value and rates of the bitcoin cryptocurrency have shown some startling changes in the digital cryptocurrency world. The Bitcoin has achieved a record-breaking value which was last observed at the start of the year 2017. In the last week, it was observed that the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has reached its peak values which were around 14,000 US dollars.

The rate of around 14,000 US dollars per coin is not a small thing. These rates had set fire in the digital trading market.

Effects of Downfall of the Bitcoin

If the Bitcoin cryptocurrency faces a downfall of its rates, this will let the traders invest in other Cryptocurrencies so that they can get more huge profits. This will cause other currencies to level up their game.

Some people are reluctant to infuse their money in sources that are not well reputed or are small cryptocurrencies. Irrespective of the rates they still choose well reputed and popular cryptocurrency platforms like Bitcoins, Altcoins, etc. The trend of the rise of other cryptocurrencies is especially seen in the time when the rates of Bitcoin cryptocurrency are waiting to change as a result of the Bitcoin halving fest. At this time all the small sector cryptocurrencies start gaining a lot of attention from the traders.


This can be concluded as that just like all the other fields the cryptocurrency market also goes through phases which are either a good sign or a bad sign. The ups and down in the rates and transaction ratios of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency affects the market value of many other cryptocurrencies. The online trading market or digital crypto market goes through phases. The high time of one cryptocurrency is always followed by a downtime of the other cryptocurrency. Bitcoin cryptocurrency is running the digital trading World like a pro.

In the year 2017, the trade of the bitcoin was at 40 percent. In that time the Bitcoin cryptocurrency reached a record-breaking rate that is again seen in the year 2020. Don’t miss out!