5 Reasons Why Businesses Choose Offshore Software Development in 2020

Once upon a time, choosing an offshore software development company was a go-to solution mostly for budgetary reasons, but today, as the need for IT continues to drive upward, offshore software development is sometimes the only viable option for businesses.

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In this article, we’ll discuss five reasons why businesses choose offshore software development in 2020.

1. Companies Are No Longer Tied Together With a Physical Office and Local Talent Pool

Years ago, hiring in-house was a commonplace tradition, and more recently, we began to see startups be better equipped to work remotely. Now, however, in a time when companies in most industries found themselves forced to adapt to working from home during shutdowns and quarantines, companies have seen the real benefits of offshore software development.

Most now understand that limiting themselves to on-site and local resources isn’t always the best option, especially when they can simply hire the professional help they need from a global talent pool. I personally work with software developers and content creators from various countries, and the experience is great. Our team is productive, and frictions are minimal (one major perk: No office politics!)

2. Hiring Offshore Software Development is Cost-Effective

Businesses know that hiring IT professionals is not cheap, especially if they want professionals who will create amazing software for them. The benefit of hiring offshore, however, is that the cost of living in different countries varies, and talent from elsewhere could actually be cheaper. A senior developer in Eastern Europe, for example, might cost less than a junior developer in Silicon Valley. To get an idea or two about the costs, check out these offshore software development rates by country.

During the current crisis, businesses need to keep up the pace while also keeping their prices down, which underscores the need for choosing offshore software development in 2020.

3. We Are Facing an Unstable Market Situation

2020 has brought a long list of changes, and this year, most companies had to cut staff at some point. Hiring in-house during such times can seem almost impossible and can certainly come with risks. Still, businesses must grow, and the only way to truly survive a crisis such as this is to adapt your business to the way the market is now and make the changes needed. This highlights just how critical it is to bring the right people on board right now.

Offshore developers from outsourcing companies offer a viable option in the current situation. During the pandemic, outsourcing offers enormous upsides – such as, using resources only as needed/project-based.

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4. Offshore Means Better Delegating and Focusing on Priorities

Right now, companies everywhere have learned that the current crisis has meant one thing: adapt to survive. Companies who’ve quickly adapted have had better outcomes than those who have not.

Across the board, it seems nearly impossible to find the in-house resources in almost any company available for recruiting, onboarding, and teaching new employees. This is just one reason why companies are choosing offshore software development.

Outsourcing companies can be leveraged as a means to handle employee management and motivation with control over the entire development process. You can better delegate the workload while ensuring that the final outcome is ideal, and your clients can receive what they need with minimum back and forth. Plus, this gives your company’s staff the time and availability to be there to focus on important questions and other priorities.

5. Hiring Offshore Software Development Means Saving Time

At the end of the day, there are a lot of things you can make more of, but time is not one of them. After the first wave of quarantines, many companies in many industries were quickly forced to change the way they work. Offline businesses, such as shops and cafes, had to quickly find ways to move online, and this move had to be done as fast as possible to reduce the loss of income.

In-house hiring is such a long process, but going offshore is fast. With platforms such as Upwork, Toptal, and YouTeam, it’s possible to hire vetted specialists within 48 hours. By simply comparing developer profiles, you can choose a candidate who has the experience you need and can complete the task needed in the fastest possible timeframe.


Hiring software developers can be done in a few ways, but hiring a software developer offline can take precious time and be more costly in some cases. When you choose an offshore company, however, you can enjoy lower prices in many cases while also getting faster turnarounds. There is no difference in quality when you decide upon a vetted professional.

The landscape of how we do things has changed due to the pandemic, but things can still get done. The key is to adapt, and stop being so nostalgic about the way we used to work pre-pandemic.

If you have ever considered hiring an offshore software development company, you will probably find that it’s easier than ever to find a highly expert option in 2020. With more and more offshore software development companies going online to offer their services to clients everywhere, it’s easy to log on, search for professionals, and choose the best expert for your needs.