Digital Marketing Campaigns You can Employ On Your Own

Digital marketing has proven its worth this year more than ever before, as so many companies which previously hadn’t invested time or money into this form of marketing, swiftly recognized that they had to change. The brilliant Tiffany Ash was discussing this on a webinar last month, and she described particularly the efforts which small businesses had made with regards to their marketing approach.

Increasing online sales using digital marketing

Something which Tiffany also focused on was the beauty of free marketing using digital strategies, which of course is welcome during a year where so many small businesses have not had the capital ti invest in a campaign.

If you do plan to take care of marketing yourself, rather than using an agency, here are some tips on how to go about it.

photo credit: Nan Palmero / Flickr

Social Media

The first option which springs to mind here is social media, this is the place where you can speak to the world and you don’t have to pay for the privilege. Now if you are able to invest then you can target your customers, you can gain valuable insights into how the business is doing and you can reach more people, yet this is not an absolute necessity. In fact you can use social media to whip up a storm around your business and to engage with your customers.

Scanning the coupon code for claiming discounts

Promotional Marketing

Through the use of 3rd party companies such as Groupon you can extend great savings to new customers through the gifting of discounts or free items on these coupon sites. This is certainly something which you can deal with on your own, simply send out emails to those sites and see what their processes are. This can be a great way of capturing new clients and turning them into loyal customers.

Social mentions from influencers


Influencers are becoming a very popular way to attract new customers and this is another ad strategy which you will not need a digital marketing agency for. What you will have to do is find someone with a good amount of followers who discusses things which your business focuses on.

Get in touch with a number of these people and find out what their rates are for a mention or a product review. Just one of these videos or mentions which goes well could be a huge deal for your business and really help it to improve.

SEO attracts organic traffic


Whilst a digital media company will certainly help you to do better with an SEO campaign, and probably quicker, there is nothing to stop you from doing it on your own. Learning about SEO is tricky but if you have the time and the desire then there is absolutely nothing too stop you from improving the SEO for your business. There is a wealth of information out there about SEO, with plenty of videos and guides which you can follow if you wish.

These are easy to use digital marketing campaigns which you don’t necessarily need an ad agency for.