Online Business Efficiency Tool: Adobe Acrobat

When it comes to business efficiency tools, there are none better than Adobe Acrobat. Adobe allows you to accomplish many projects that will enhance your company’s efficiency and productivity.

Businessman using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat was first released in 1993 and since has become the main program for viewing, creating, and editing PDF files. PDF stands for Portable Document Format and has become the main way to read, create, save, and share documents.

Other than the ability to read PDF files, the real power of Adobe Acrobat is to use it as a PDF editor. Most businesses today need to have a way to read and edit PDF files, making it easy to share any type of document. Considering that so many people are now working from home, having Adobe Acrobat is a necessity for any home office.

With Adobe Acrobat, you can do the following with PDF files:

  • View
  • Convert to other formats
  • Edit
  • Share

Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewing

Using Adobe Acrobat to view PDF files is as simple as clicking on the file you want to read. PDF files have become the standard for many types of files including important documents, manuals, eBooks, and application forms.

PDF files have made it easy to conduct business without leaving your office or home. You can view agreements, contracts, forms, and applications with ease. They can be stored, shared, and printed, which will help the efficiency of your business.

Editing PDF Files with Adobe Acrobat

Editing PDF files is easy with Adobe. Usually, it is best to edit the original PDF file, but the original might not be available. Adobe Acrobat makes it easy to edit and update wherever you are. You have numerous PDF editing options that include:

  • Edit text and images
  • Add comments, annotations, notes, and highlights
  • Recognize text by making scanned text editable using OCR
  • Combine multiple files to make one PDF file
  • Delete pages from the PDF file
  • Reorder pages
  • Crop the outer edges of pages
  • Rotate pages to landscape or portrait mode
  • Split a PDF file into multiple PDF files

Slack app display

Other Business Tools

In addition to a PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat, there are other online business tools that can improve business productivity. Some of these business tools include:

  • Slack is a collaboration tool that helps you communicate and collaborate with coworkers on projects.
  • Google Drive allows all team members to work on the same documents at the same time from their computer.
  • HootSuite is an excellent business tool for organizing social media accounts.
  • Clockify tracks your time and gives you an idea of how you use your time and how productive you are.


Adobe Acrobat with its PDF editing tools is one of the best business efficiency tools to help your business become more productive. Using these other online business tools with Adobe can make the difference between being efficient and inefficient.