4 Ways to Make Business Travel Better for Your Employees

Traveling, whether it’s for business or pleasure, can be tiresome and overwhelming. After long hours of moving from place to place in cars, trains, and planes, the first thing you want to do is flop on a comfortable hotel bed and recharge.

This isn’t always the case when it comes to business travel. Oftentimes, business travelers get off a plane and head straight to a business meeting or lunch. They’re constantly in work mode, which can take a lot out of them.

Business team travelling together

So, as a business owner, it’s your job to make business travel more comfortable and bearable for your employees. Below you’ll find some ways to get your employees excited to travel for business.

Don’t Skimp on the Hotels

We all know the budget-friendly websites for hotels offering last-minute deals. However, these deals are often for mediocre hotels or rooms in brand name hotels. Don’t skimp on a comfortable hotel just to save a few bucks.

A decent and more business traveler-friendly hotel is essential for pleasant business trips. The hotel is where your employee will relax, sleep, and recharge for the next round of business meetings they must attend. Let them enjoy where they’re staying rather than complain about inconveniences like a missing hairdryer, bad WiFi, or lumpy beds.

Plan Excursions

Most of the time, when business travelers visit a destination, they don’t actually get to know it. Instead, they see the inside of their hotel, boardrooms, and restaurants for business lunches and dinners.

Let your employees enjoy their business travels and create some memories by planning an excursion for them. Whether it’s a destination abroad or domestic, there are surely activities for your employees to enjoy that capture the destination’s essence.

Make Travel More Comfortable

Sure, business class travel is pretty lovely. However, you still have to deal with going through security, standing in lines at the airport, and risking the airline losing your luggage. The most comfortable means of business travel is with a group air charter.

A private jet offers your employees privacy to talk about business, extra comfort, the ability to spread out and work, and ultimate convenience. You can also schedule the plane to leave when you need rather than work around a commercial airline’s schedule.

Business team on a private jet

Prepare Business Travel Kits

Make your employees feel even more comfortable by providing them with a travel kit. Include an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, and other toiletries they may forget to pack. A pair of headphones and an external charger are also great items to include.

Gifting a prepackaged travel kit for when your employees are globetrotting to get business done, reward them, and let them know you truly appreciate them working for you. Not only does this make the employee feel more excited about working for your company and going on business trips, but it boosts company culture.

Remember, the next time you ask your employees to take a business trip, you’re taking time away from their homes, everyday lives, and families. Make sure they’re comfortable the next time they have to travel to another destination for the sake of your company.