3 Ways to Develop Your Team

When we think of business success and great entrepreneurship, our minds are often drawn to those standout individuals behind major global corporations.

We look to these masterminds as examples of triumph in the business world, but the teams behind them that support their endeavours and help make those visions into a reality are often unseen.

Team development

Taking your business to the next level requires a strong team around you, one that brings essential skills to the table and is invested in the future of your company.

Recruiting such a team is one of the first challenges of business. Once you find them, retaining those staff is the next.

There are many reasons that staff leave their jobs, but a lack of development opportunities is one of the most commonly cited. These are just three ways to keep your team satisfied:

1. Connect

Passion breeds productivity. That’s why you should encourage your team to become active and engage in their industry, even outside of your own company.

Business hubs like 3M Buckley Innovation Centre are a great opportunity for this. With connections to experts across industries, as well as the University of Huddersfield, this fantastic space provides fantastic opportunities for new and established businesses alike to grow and develop.

2. Engage

Your staff have needs as individuals in the workplace. And if things appear to be ticking along as usual, you may be prone to assume that those needs are being met, and that therefore your employees are content in their roles. After all, if they’re performing well, you have no reason to think otherwise, right?

But however outwardly contented they may appear, sometimes employees feel as though the aren’t getting what they truly want from their role. This may be further opportunities for training, or a higher salary, or greater flexibility in their working lives. Whatever it is they’re looking for, be sure to stay engaged and communicate, giving them a chance to express their goals to you.

Check in with regular reviews and work to foster positive relationships that encourage your staff to be forthcoming.

Motivated employees

3. Trust

Trust is a major factor in employee development.

People don’t like to be micromanaged or feel as though their competence isn’t recognised. It’s important your staff feel appreciated and have opportunities for growth as part of their everyday roles.

Though it can be difficult to let go of major tasks within business, delegation is beneficial for both you and your staff. It takes work from your task list and allows them to expand their skillsets and try new things.

Development is key to the growth of your company and the satisfaction of your staff. As Richard Branson once famously said, “Train people well enough so they can leave, and treat them well enough so that they don’t want to.”

Take heed of these three tips for development and your team will be certain to flourish under your leadership.