Why Good English Matters for Digital Marketers

If you are looking to improve your digital marketing strategy to reach your target audience, there are plenty of things to consider. You might be focusing on your SEO, your PPCs, and your KPIs, but this will only get you so far. In order to improve your content so that people actually engage with it in a meaningful way, it needs to be presented fluently and with proper grammar.

This is especially important if you are trying to reach a multinational audience, where English is the language of commerce. Read on to find out exactly why perfect English is essential for any digital marketing strategy.

Good English in marketing material
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English is the language of global business

This one is the most obvious one. English is the de facto language of global business, spoken by billions and necessary for pretty much any cross-border commerce to take place. This is why services such as Preply, which offers bespoke business English tutoring to workers around the world, are in such high demand right now. If you want to make your international commerce flow smoothly, better English is the most important tool for making it happen.

English is the language of social media

As a digital marketer, your social media strategy is the lynchpin of your success. How you engage with customers on Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Google Business arguably play the single most important role in your marketing success. Not only are more than 60% of all websites entirely in English, but most social media content is, too. To drive up social media engagement in a meaningful way, you need good English on y0ur marketing team.

English is the language of pop culture

No matter what industry you work in, an understanding of the ebb and flow of popular culture is usually a prerequisite for any sort of digital marketing success. As the global lingua franca, English is the dominant language in all mainstream cultural spaces, especially online. This is especially true for younger generations, which are communicating exclusively in English at higher rates than ever. A good grasp of English is essential for your marketing efforts to tap into these important pop culture trends.

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Maximize opportunities

Business success often depends on being able to chase as many leads as possible and opening yourself up to new opportunities at every possible turn. By mastering English and having good business English on your team, you can broaden your horizons and avoid missing important opportunities for growth. Remember, your potential collaborators are more likely than not to work in English, so don’t shut them out by choosing not to have English fluency in your team’s skillset.

Make a good impression

We hate to say it, but good English makes a good impression. Digital marketing research has consistently shown that poor English spelling and grammar are bad for sales. In fact, 59% of all customers will immediately leave a website if the English writing is not good. This is why you literally cannot afford to have bad English if you want your marketing to be successful.

No matter your digital marketing goals, good English matters. When you invest in English language skills for your team, you are empowering them to take your marketing strategy to the next level.