Offline Marketing That Still Works in 2022

With the rise of all things online and digital, it’s understandable that traditional marketing methods may have been overlooked in recent years. But while there’s certainly immense value from blogging, social media and push notifications, offline marketing still holds a place in business as a way of promoting products and services and building brand reputation.

These are some of the best offline tactics that will work in 2022.

Stainless steel business cards
photo credit: Pure Metal Cards / Flickr

Business Cards

Business cards are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to get word of your business out into the world.

Whether you add them to orders to remind customers of your details, hand them out at conferences and networking events, or add them to noticeboards in public spaces to attract the attention of the general public. Business cards hold huge potential for such a cost-effective product, and they should remain part of your marketing strategy in 2022.


Promotional brochures are immensely powerful as a marketing tool, providing an easy and visually appealing way to showcase your product portfolio to your customers.

Whether you choose slim brochures that highlight offers and discounts or in-depth brochures that give a more in-depth overview of what your business offers, brochures are a worthwhile investment into your marketing resources.

Talks and Workshops

Speaking events are a great way to really connect with your target audience and it gives potential customers the opportunity to ask questions and engage with you directly.

It’s difficult to trust a brand you’ve never heard of, particularly if your products or services land on the higher end of the cost spectrum. But with in-person events and workshops, you can highlight the benefits of your business and educate customers on why what you offer is so valuable, which can be a fantastic way to market your business.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing refers to any form of unconventional marketing, and it can encompass a wide range of activities. From using branded stickers placed in various public locations to adding one of your products to a landmark or statue to garner attention of passers-by, guerrilla marketing can be as creative and imaginative as you can think of – there are no rules here.

Sponsors in sporting event


Sponsorship refers to adding your branding to a range of merchandise or hoarding to drum up interest in your business. You might add your logo to hoarding at sporting events, sponsor a local event related to your industry or even create t-shirts or tote bags for event-goers.

Sponsorship is a broad area where there are plenty of opportunities and while it may cost more on your side, the impact sponsorship can have in raising awareness of your business can be huge. For businesses in a specific industry, sponsorship can be a great way to attract your target customers since they’re already familiar with the sector and are more inclined to be interested in what you have to offer.

Free Samples

If your business deals with physical products, providing customers with free samples can be an effective way of encouraging people to invest their money into what you’re selling. Sometimes, customers may be wary of buying a product or switching brands if they’re not sure of the outcome – free samples are an easy way for them to trial your product to see if they like it before they come back for the full deal.

Snail Mail

We may be in the age of email and social media, but there’s still value in snail mail and it remains an acceptable form of marketing for so many businesses. You might be surprised, in fact, by how many people prefer physical offers such as coupons or flyers promoting discounts and events.

You can send out product updates, for example, newsletters of what’s been happening in the business and what new products or services have launched, or coupons that customers can use in store.

It’s a personalised approach to marketing that can be effective in drawing people in to your store.

Business workshop

Final Thoughts

These offline strategies vary widely in terms of the cost and the effort required, but they all have the potential to raise awareness of your business, products and services in various ways.

Whether you choose to engage with potential customers first-hand or you take a subtler, indirect approach, adding offline tactics to your marketing strategy can have a positive effect on your business.