How to Get Cash Quickly in an Emergency

If you have a small business and are just entering the world of entrepreneurship, chances are you are living paycheck to paycheck. You may be challenged on a rainy day if you do not have a habit of saving or putting extra funds aside.

If you are going through a cash flow crisis and you need some immediate cash, here is how you can smartly make quick cash in an emergency:

Emergency fund
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1. Use Your Credit Card

In an unpredicted emergency, you’ll likely need cash as quickly as possible. The fastest way to do so is to use your credit card to borrow some money. This is an easy, reliable, and accessible way. However, the disadvantages of this method are the high-interest rates charged on loans.

Paying a high amount of interest each month can even lead to more cash flow crises in the future, which will be counter-productive. Any damage to your credit score will affect your prospects of acquiring a future loan, so it is essential to consider all your other options before you use that credit card.

2. Pawn Your Items

If you have any assets or valuable items lying around the house, you can always try to sell them in the pawnshop for quick cash. You will simply have to search around the house, find valuable jewelry, furniture, or other items, and take them to the nearby pawn shop.

The shop owner will then determine the item’s market value and give you a loan based on it. You can reclaim your valuables once you have repaid the loan amount. If you cannot pay back in time, the pawnshop owner will hold all the rights to keep or sell the item to reclaim their amount. You can get cash quickly this way, especially if you have extra valuables.

Taking business loans

3. Payday Loans

Another way to get cash quickly is to apply for payday loans. Banks, third-party organizations, or credit unions can offer them. This can get you money swiftly, as the processing time for payday loans is incredibly low. If you qualify for disability benefits, you may also qualify for ODSP payday loans up to $1500.

4. Pick Up Odd Jobs

If you have a skill, you might as well sell it to earn some additional money. You can easily advertise your services online on freelancing platforms like, Fiver, and Upwork. You can even try to sell your services to local organizations and pick up part-time jobs or remote work.

Working in retail or restaurants on odd jobs can also help you earn a few extra bucks quickly. These jobs are easy to acquire, as the demand is ever-increasing. It may not be a reliable income source as these jobs can have low wage rates per hour, but they can save you in an emergency.


Emergencies and financial crises can hit anyone at any point. Having a plan and knowing how to deal with financial stress are essential.

You can always pick up an odd job, sell your skills on freelancing websites, apply for a payday loan, and use your credit card for an overdraft. It is your safest bet to prepare ahead and have a savings account.