Where Should Small Businesses Focus Their Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the most common way to get your company name in front of your customer base. It is estimated that 94% of the British population uses the internet, which is why the web is the best place to put your advertising materials. However, small businesses do not need to reach this many people.

While you are more likely to target local clients when running a small business, it does not mean that you cannot make use of digital marketing strategies. All you need to do is know which are the right techniques for you.

Digital marketing
photo credit: Mikael Blomkvist / Pexels

As such, this article will look at some of the best places you can focus your digital marketing so you can make the most out of these new strategies.

Web Page

The first thing any business needs to do in the current era is set up a web page. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t using eCommerce as part of your business strategy. Your customers are going to be looking for a web page when searching for your service, so you had better make sure that your site is up and running.

Your company website should include all the information a potential customer could possibly need to know about your services. As a small business, you may also find it beneficial to include a short story about how you set up your company and why. People use small businesses because they prefer a more personal touch. Focus on this aspect in your marketing and you will find it much easier to make a sale.


Now that you have a website, you need to work out how you are going to direct people’s attention toward it. All your current business correspondence should include a link to your website, such as your business cards and company emails. However, these are given to people who are already aware of your existence. Your main focus should be on gaining the attention of new potential customers, and you can do so with SEO.

Search engine optimization is a strategy for building up a strong web presence so that your website climbs up the google rankings. You can do this by using keyword optimization, backlinks, or by using targeted ads on specific web pages. SEO is now one of the most popular digital marketing strategies, so make sure you are using it to full effect to outrank your competitors.

Social Media

Using social media is a no-brainer when it comes to digital marketing. Unfortunately, it takes a very proficient person to navigate this space correctly.

Larger businesses will have teams of individuals who have been trained in digital marketing by professional teaching bodies. It is important that you and your employees sign up for digital marketing courses to help boost your strategy. You should lead by example. Ensure that you maintain a strong presence when you can spare a minute to answer any potential questions your employees or customers may have. There can be no substitution for maintaining strong customer relations when it comes to marketing, and this remains true in the digital age.

Sending mass email

Targeted Emails

A common problem for businesses in the digital marketing age is that the majority of the ad space is dominated by the same names. What’s more, these companies can come from anywhere in the world. It can be incredibly difficult for a customer to cut through the digital noise, which is why a smaller business can turn this situation to its advantage.

As you move forward, you will start to receive a steady flow of the same customers. These individuals will be responsible for keeping your company afloat, so try to include them in as many upcoming sales or strategies as possible. You should have collected their email addresses during your regular interactions, so create a list for your targeted emails. These messages can place these customers at the front of the queue whenever they require your services again, and it ensures that these clients stay loyal to your brand.

Again, digital marketing is all about creating a rapport with your customers, so make sure you target them with emails whenever possible.


Digital influencing is a new concept in advertising, but it can be crucial for a small business. Influencers are always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas to grow their reputation. Unfortunately, popular businesses cannot fulfil this goal.

A smaller business can give them more credibility as an influencer, and these professionals can use their status to push your product to their audience. If you feel that your product or service is ripe for a younger market, it may prove beneficial to create an alliance with a specific influencer.


As you can see, small businesses need to be more tactical with their digital marketing. However, being a small company can always work in your favour, so make sure you put this fact front and centre when marketing yourself in the digital space.