Best Online MT4 Trading Courses

Best Online MT4 Trading Courses

The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is among the most widely used trading platforms. MT4 has a trader-focused design with tools developed to help traders explore financial markets. Although the MT4 platform has a simple user interface, there are so many tools and features that traders may only partially explore and enjoy their advantages.

Taking online MT4 trading courses
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Why Trade With MT4?

MT4 trading allows traders to leverage advanced technologies such as expert advisors and customizable indicators. The platform also integrates with brokers, bringing a fusion of broker and trading platform benefits for optimal trading performance. To help traders overcome the challenges associated with navigating a trading platform, we have reviewed, in no particular order, some of the best courses on MT4 for trading.

1. A – Z Chart Pattern & Metatrader 4 Masterclass (NEW 2020)

The 4.5-hour course was created by Thembelani Tim Shozi, the “head trader” at Educated Trader (edTrader), and is intended for beginners and professional traders looking for an in-depth study of the MT4 platform and the forex market. Thembelani begins with a profound introduction to forex and then covers basic topics such as PIPS, standard forex terms, timeframes, spread, the role of brokers, etc., and then advanced topics such as support and resistance, trading sessions, technical analysis, and candlestick patterns.

There’s also a section on MT4 where Thembelani takes students through setting up the MT4 app using the various features to trade, as well as techniques and tips for best practices when using MT4. The course currently sells for $4.9 on Udemy and comes with three free ebooks as gifts from Thembelani. The A–Z Chart Pattern & Metatrader 4 Masterclass (NEW 2020) course helps trades master the basics and advanced concepts in forex trading via MT4.

2. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) — From Beginner to Professional

Oliver Berndorf created the second course on our list, which is available for $14.29 on Udemy. Berndorf dives directly into the MT4 platform, starting with step-by-step instructions to install and configure the app through topics such as color settings, templates, and chart profiles. The course module also includes topics on the MT4 terminal and workspace, charts, and advanced charting with deeper insights into candles, gaps, and periodicity.

There are topics on the tick chart, the data window (hidden treasure of MT4), and chart optimization, among others. Oliver also covers the business of trading, where he instructs students on treating trading as a business. Other sections cover advanced techniques for chart lines, price channels, geometric shapes, text and labels, arrows, and Fibonacci Retracements in the MT4 app. The 4.5-hour course also has a section on technical indicators and an expert dive into customizing and personalizing the MT4 workstation, setting up price alerts, and managing multiple accounts.

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3. MT4 — Metatrader 4 Platform With Tips and Tricks

Marko Cvjeticanin’s two-hour course explores the MT4 platform via four sections: Introduction, MT4 platform basics, MT4 tips and tricks, and a bonus lecture. The introductory video guides users through setting up their app and charts. The second section covers topics such as Japanese candlesticks, types, choices of forex charts, trading time frames, trading styles (swing, scalp, and intraday), trading sessions, opening trades on MT4, and the various market orders. There’s also a quiz to help students test their knowledge.

The third section contains tips and tricks on maximizing the tools on MT4, including mini terminal, one-click trading, trailing stop, alarm, setting up chart profiles, keyboard shortcuts, and hotkeys. Cvjeticanin’s in-depth MT4 course helps traders improve their trading performance.

4. Forex Trading Made Easy as ABC – With Live Examples

Course creator Joseph Siaw put together this one-hour course that teaches the basics and advanced features of MT4, starting with the user interface. Students will learn to navigate the MetaTrader 4 interface, interact with the main menu and options, and practice setting up various features like charts, tools, toolbars, and market watch when trading. There is also a video where Siaw shares five practical tips to master the trading platform. The course ends with two sections on market orders.

In this $4.98 course, Siaw takes traders through an uncomplicated way to use MT4 for trading forex and other financial markets. The Forex Trading Made Easy as ABC course is for you, no matter your level of proficiency.

5. Metatrader Mastery Masterclass — Metatrader 4,5 | MT4 MT5

The Metatrader mastery masterclass course by Daksh Murkute is an all-in-one course that teaches the basics and advanced topics for MT4 and MT5, providing an unbeatable value at $9.41. The 1.5-hour course opens with an introductory lesson, where Murkute explores both apps and compares their features and capabilities. The introductory section also covers the installation and setting up of both platforms and topics like timeframes, terminal windows, templates, profiles, and setting up watchlists.

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In the second section, Murkute explains the types of market orders and how to use them. The third section covers the objects available for charts, while the fourth section covers indicators. Murkute closes the course with an advanced lesson on charting like a pro. This course is specially designed to help traders discover their edge through both platforms’ hidden features and teach practical tips for maximizing trading apps.

Knowledge at the Tips of Your Fingers

Learning to use the dozens of features on MT4 may seem tricky, especially for beginners, no thanks to the variety of tools available to traders. The courses mentioned in this article will provide a solid foundation for exploring the app. As you prepare for the 2024 trading year, take some time to learn more about your favorite trading broker and hone your skills with the amazing tools that MT4 offers.

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