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Ivan Widjaya is the Owner/Editor of, as well as several other blogs. He is a business blogger, web publisher and content marketer for SMEs.

Social Media

Using Mobile Advertising to Promote Your Small Business Social Media Profiles

Today, the best way to build a community of fans and brand evangelists is by creating and building your small business brand pages and social media profiles. Your business profile… Read more »

Sony Vaio Recalls Defected Laptops: Some Lessons for Small Business Owners

Are you really taking pride of your products and services quality? Learn from Sony Vaio’s case study. First of all – the newsflashes: Sony Vaio recalls 535,000 laptops due to… Read more »

How Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Business Exchange can Help Your Small Business Gaining More Exposure

If you are looking to expand your small business reach, you might want to consider Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Business Exchange (BX) – a social network for business owners and professionals. LinkedIn… Read more »

Why Focus on Google when Your Small Business can Benefit from Bing’s Growth?

I have to admit – I overlook Bing. Well, I shouldn’t and will learn more about getting more exposure for Noobpreneur Business Blog from Bing. Here’s why you should consider… Read more »
Social Media

Social Media in Small Business: Lacking?

I enjoy asking myself questions, especially in small business trends. One of the questions popped up before writing this article is: “Are small business owners embracing social media well?” The… Read more »

Small Business Blogging Tips: How to be Interesting

Can becoming an authoritative small business blogger be taught? My answer would be: yes. I agree with what the probloggers said, that you need a certain personality trait to be… Read more »

Entrepreneurship Lessons from 2010 World Cup

I enjoy taking business lessons from non-business niche. This time, I take a reflection and philosophical look at 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Of course, I enjoy the football/soccer… Read more »

Online Business Idea: Facebook e-Commerce Store Using Payvment

Are you and your business on Facebook? If so, you can turn your fan page into a sales page using a Facebook e-commerce solution offered for free by Payvment. I… Read more »

Twitter Business Idea: Pay with a Tweet

If you think you have seen enough businesses trying to get a hold of the massively successful Twitter, think again. Here is a new and innovative business model, which is… Read more »

UK Unemployment Figures Released: Unemployment Increases to 2.47 Million

I always take a great interest on UK issues because I always consider it as my second country. It’s sad to see economic lackluster of UK, but that’s life in… Read more »