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Ivan Widjaya is the Owner/Editor of, as well as several other blogs. He is a business blogger, web publisher and content marketer for SMEs.


Made for Google

Do you know what a MFA – Made for AdSense? It’s a term that describes websites that are made optimised for Google AdSense. The layout and design of the websites… Read more »

Web Property Flipping – Buy, Renovate, Sell

There is one kind of web property flipping type that people hardly talk about on the Net. I call the one who do it a flipper-developer – simple, he/she buy… Read more »

How to Get Higher Price Tag for Your Property Sales

Buying and selling properties are mind game. Either offline (houses, office buildings, stores, etc) or online (blogs, websites, web retail, etc.), properties involve a level of strategy to get better… Read more »

The Benefits of Having Your Business on Autopilot

My desire is to have businesses that runs on autopilot. Businesses that bring me passive income. Businesses that can be nurtured and grown without the need to get down and… Read more »

Buying a Franchise – A Good Way to Network and Get Some more Business

People tends to forget the essence of franchising – No, it’s not getting a proven system in exchange for a franchise fee and royalty – it is a definition of… Read more »

5 Surefire and Cheap Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Retail Store

Traffic is king for both online and offline retail stores. Traffic – location, location, location. OK – point well taken. Location is perhaps the most important factor, but you cannot… Read more »
Personal Finance

Secure Your Future by Managing Your Money Right

If you visit this blog regularly, you would notice that in this past week, I didn’t post regularly – at least not as regular as before. No, I’m not being… Read more »

How to Market Your Websites – Web Directory Listing

There are many ways to market your websites, and ultimately, your business. The conventional ways include newspaper ads, magazine ads, billboards, yellow pages, flyers, brochures, and other physical ads placement… Read more »

How to Choose the Right Franchise

If you read my previous post about franchise, you might already know that I have several franchise units. Having a plunge into franchising without much knowledge about it teach me… Read more »

Stop Acting Like a Baby and be a Man!

In business world, do you know what irritates people a lot? It’s when someone is whining all the time – virtually about everything – “The recession is killing me!”… “Oh,… Read more »