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4 Tips for Starting a New Business With Little to No Capital

It may sound impossible to start a new business with little to no capital, but it is always a possibility. Every time you turn on the news, you hear about… Read more »

5 Ways to Market your Startup on Bootstrap Budget

Good job! You have made the right decision about starting up a business. There is a myth running around about first-time entrepreneurs needing a million or half a million dollars… Read more »

Cash Strapped Success: Small Businesses You Can Launch With Little or No Capital

You have a great idea. You have identified a market and checked out the competition. But you have no start-up funds. Is the lack of money a deal-breaker for your… Read more »

A Startup Guide for Cash-Strapped Entrepreneurs

Launching your own startup is now easier than ever. In this “golden age” of entrepreneurship, all the resources you need – from funding your business to finding the right people… Read more »

5 Shopping List Items Startups Should Hold Off Buying

With so many businesses launching every single day all over the world, it comes as no surprise that most have to operate on little to no budget to get by.… Read more »

6 Revolutionary Bootstrapping Tips for Small Business

Small businesses don’t generally have hoards of cash lying around. It can be even harder to manage your finances, if you are building the business up without the use of… Read more »

How Cheap is Too Cheap When it Comes to Bootstrapping?

Metaphors about “bootstraps” are often rooted in admiration. They recognize someone’s pluck or resolve in the face of a seemingly impossible challenge. Originally born from necessity, bootstrapping a business —… Read more »

Saving Money for New Businesses

Kickstarter, the crowd funding venture launched in the USA just a few years ago, is to move into the UK market with a view to providing valuable funding to new… Read more »

How Not to Worry About Finance – 6 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Finance is said to be the lifeblood of business and it is generally the lack of finance which deters people from taking up entrepreneurship. If you are looking for business… Read more »

10 Tips on How to Do Social Media Marketing on a Budget for Small Business

If you think small business can’t compete with the big budgeted business in term of social media marketing, think again. This article will show you how to get leverages for… Read more »
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