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9 Massive Benefits of Tech Adoption in The Healthcare Industry

The recent technological developments in the healthcare sector have saved numerous lives and have even improved the living standard. The technology has not only made the lives of patients simpler… Read more »

7 Interesting Facts about Health Care across the World

The world is full of interesting facts that amaze us all every time. When health is an important aspect of your life, the unknown facts regarding this can be endless.… Read more »
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The Importance of Information Security for The Healthcare Sector

With the advancement in information technology, the healthcare sector has undergone drastic changes. Most of the information in the hospitals and other healthcare providers are stored in the computers thus… Read more »
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Information Security in Healthcare is Crucial

In the world of digital medical data, there’s no room for error, and securing patient records is of the absolute importance. The law regarding data storage and leaks does not… Read more »
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5 Simple Tips to Heal Healthcare Cybersecurity Flaws

By all measures, the healthcare industry is the largest and most complex industry in the United States. It holds vast amounts of personal and confidential data about its patients but… Read more »

Exclusive Q&A with Pager Co-founder Oscar Salazar and Pager EVP Marketing Andrew Chomer on Disrupting the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare and business. When I mentioned both words, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? “Expensive” “costly” “necessary evil” etc.  All boil down to one issue: Healthcare is… Read more »

Andrew Matthews, Spinach Solutions, Reveals The True Cost of Healthcare

With the global population aging, the amount of money nations spend on healthcare expenditures is also steadily increasing. Data released last year from the World Bank indicates that global healthcare… Read more »
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A Brief Guide to Bluetooth iBeacons and It Can be Used in Healthcare

There’s been a lot of talk about iBeacons in our office recently so we thought we’d put together an article to explore very simply what they are, how they work,… Read more »

Building your Customer Base as a First Time Business Owner in Healthcare Sector

The key to building a successful business in any sector is to thoroughly understand the desires and needs of the particular market. In the final analysis, it is individuals that… Read more »