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The Top 5 Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Home Office for Your Business

Thanks to the internet, more people are becoming self-employed and entrepreneurs than ever before. The idea of working from home is no longer a myth or dream. It has become… Read more »

5 Reasons NOT to Use Your Home Office Address

Some of you might think it’s perfectly fine to register your business to a home address, and include that address on your marketing and billing material. The fact is that… Read more »

5 Ways to Integrate Nature in Your Home Office

Working from home has its advantages — you no longer feel drained by office politics and apply more focus to the tasks in hand. But it might bring unexpected challenges… Read more »

Create the Perfect Space for Your Child in Your Home Office

Setting up a home office, especially when you have employees working in it requires careful planning, in such a way that the business operations don’t disrupt an important purpose of… Read more »

How to Secure Your Garden Office from Burglary

How safe is your garden office? Could a burglar break in and steal your computer and printer? Would you know it was happening? By 2020 21% of employees will be… Read more »

4 Locations to Break Out of Your Home Office

When I first started my online wine business, I didn’t realize right away how much I would miss the comradely and frankly, the normal conversation that I had in a… Read more »

Home Office Design Ideas for Homes with Limited Spaces

Working at home? The best advice I’ve received that I’m going to forward to you is this: Separate your work space and living space. Doing so is probably the best… Read more »

Is a Home Office Right for You?

Today’s economy can limit the ability of business owners to expand at a desirable rate. With many business owners against the ropes, one of the most efficient ways to save… Read more »

5 Tips To Make Your Home Office Super Productive

Hugh Hefner, outfitted in his pajamas and iconic smoking jacket, and perched atop his bed may have been one of the first entrepreneurs to pilot a wildly successful business from… Read more »

Home Office Technology Trends: Good-looking and Productivity-enhancing

Are you looking for ways to spice up your home office? Paul Hochman of Business on Main’s Tech Notes tells you the latest trends in home office gadgets that can… Read more »
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