8 Ideas To Create Small Yet Organized Home Office Space

If there is one space in the house that can get messy quickly, it’s your home office. Despite living in the digital age, this place attracts all sorts of clutter like papers, bills, wires, etc.

However, the best thing about having a home office is the liberty to organize and decorate it while maintaining its distinct identity. What if we help you with some great ideas to keep your home office space organized?

Sophisticated home office design

There are several ways of organizing your home office to make it fully functional while looking stylish. With a little creativity up your sleeve, you can create a compact looking, fully loaded workspace. With great offers on furniture at Pepperfry, it becomes easier to create a dream office at home without putting a hole in your wallet. Read through if you’re looking for ways to create an attractive home office while saving money on furniture using the best coupons.

Top Ideas To Create Organized Small Office Space

It doesn’t matter if you have a spare room or a small corner at home for workspace, check out these home office organizing ideas to have an inspiring workplace to get your tasks done.

1. Declutter Paper Piles

It is important to segregate the paper piles into 3 sections. Have a hidden drawer on your work desk for keeping papers and bills that require your immediate attention. Place the papers related to ongoing projects and client communication at an easily accessible spot near your chair. Maintain a filing system to keep all the reference papers in a drawer or cabinet beneath your desk to easily retrieve it when needed. Have a regular file maintenance regime to process unwanted papers and shred them once every 2 months.

If you have a wall-mounted filing system for keeping work files, place it at eye-level just above the work desk and follow a color-coding scheme for quick identification. Try to cut down paper usage by signing up for e-bills. Also, optimize the usage of e-documents rather than relying on hard copies to prevent file folders from swelling up.

2. Wrap Up Wires And Cables

It is a common scenario to juggle with 1 or 2 power outlets in your office space to charge several devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. To avoid such charging hassles, it is wise to buy a power strip to charge the devices in an organized way. Use clips to lock the short cords to prevent them from sprawling across your work desk.

Fold the cords of each device and label them to identify the device easily. Push the bundled wires behind the power strip to flaunt a neat look. If using a printer, choose a wireless type that can be placed in a cabinet or on an empty shelf.

Clean and minimalistic home office setup

3. Choose Minimalist Furniture

Choose furniture pieces with a timeless design like a clear acrylic chair to blend well with small spaced home offices. Choose compact worktables in cool tones to go well with this ghost chair with an ultra-chic design, as it occupies very little space. Opting for an adjustable desk will not only save space but will allow you to have a standing or sitting workstation.

While buying home office furniture, make sure that you consider its ergonomic aspect to stay free from stiff neck issues and joint aches. Don’t forget to buy visually appealing desk accessories like swanky pen holders and charging stations to have a chic workspace.

4. Introduce Shelves, Cubbies, and Bins

Shelves are a great choice to get more space to keep your things organized when there are no drawers or closets in the room. You can also create float shelves while storing books, magazines or plants. If your home office has full-wall shelving, then it is easy to arrange things in cubbies to have a clutter-free workspace.

Storage cubes are versatile options, as they are stylish and customizable to store anything from books to electronics. If you are into selling art/craft supplies, jewelry or other products online, make use of bins for cubbies to tuck your stuff neatly in cubbyhole shelves. You can put labels on each bin and display your products while achieving an organized home office.

5. Create Compartments In Drawers

Don’t forget the importance of having well-organized drawers while organizing your home office space. Even though slide-in drawers give an illusion of being organized from the outside, you will have to spend many hours rummaging through it to find anything. Small containers or mason jars are a great find for messy drawers, as it will help in arranging your writing tools Elegantly.

You can also go for clear drawer organizers to organize sticky notes, pencils, pens, markers, staplers, scissors, and binder clips. It is easier to create drawer dividers using cereal boxes or cardboards cut into desired sizes and lined with gift wrappers to sort out all things.

Closet workspace design
photo credit: Kim Allison Davis / Flickr

6. Maximize The Usage Of Closets

If you are looking for space-saving ideas to organize home office space, then make use of the shelving units and dresser drawers at home to have a vertical wall unit for optimum storage. It is easier to set up a compact home office by converting an unused closet with bi-fold doors by introducing a floating desk and storage bins.

If you have a walk-in closet, then transform into an amazing workspace by removing the doors and paint its inside walls in solid colors to keep you inspired. Add in bulletin boards, wall hanging organizers and make use of fabric curtains in warm colors to have a pleasurable home office experience. You can also spice up your home office by adding pictures and invest in bright lights to make it brim with positivity.

7. Discard The Unused Items

When having a good look around the workspace at home, you will be able to identify some equipment and office items lying around unused for many months. Be it faulty electronics, old magazines, used sticky notes or a bad pen, it’s time to throw them away to maintain a clutter-free work environment.

If you have multiple calendars on your desk, then replace them with a single huge calendar to save space. Opting for a dry-erase calendar instead of regular ones will also help in cutting down the clutter.

8. Add A Personalized Touch

While organizing the home office space, make sure that it has a personal touch to make it very inspirational and productive. You can have a small chalkboard to write motivational quotes every day or list out your tasks instead of using sticky notes.

Try to add a bit of greenery to feel closer to nature by placing small pots with air-purifying plants to add life to the sterile work at home environment. Plants like succulents, ferns, ball cactus, snake plants or spider plants can be a great option.

Including the pictures of your family and pets will help in uplifting your mood when feeling low or less productive. However, make sure you don’t overboard with the personalization features to avoid a messy home office look.

Home-like office design


It doesn’t matter if you are a home-based working professional or use the home office once in a while, it is important to have an organized home office space to stay productive. Having a well-organized workspace at home will always help you know where to find important items, which will save a lot of time.

By following the home office ideas given above, you can stay assured that the workspace remains more organized than being a clutter-filled messy place.