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How can Bloggers Profit from Images? Find out in Future of Publishing!

image monetization

Future of Publishing new episode - image monetization

In this Future of Publishing episode, VigLink CEO Oliver Roup and Influence People CEO Murray Newlands explore how you can turn your site’s images into gold.

By doing a thorough interview with Rey Flemings and Chas Edwards of Luminate and Stipple, the dynamic duo helps uncover the mysteries of making money off images.

Find out how:


  • Publishers can make money off almost any type of image…
  • These images work best at niche sites…
  • And the advertising needs to be in-context…

Traditionally, bloggers have had two primary means of making money from writing.

The first way is to have banner ads around the content space and occasionally inserted in the middle of a post. This way does not always work very well because people quickly scroll down and do not see the ad for very long. This means that they do not click on it and thus do not download a tracking cookie nor get you money for pay-per-click revenue.

The second way is to have off-site monetization, usually in the form of newsletters. This frequently means that you have to maintain a mailing list and send them good newsletters that also contain affiliate links. You have to do a lot of research on the products you sell because your readers are re-monetizable and won’t buy from you again if you sell them a shoddy product.

There is also paid content, which is sometimes thin and easy to spot. On the other hand, image monetization allows advertisers the ability to connect with potential customers within the content itself. This often produces more profitable results for the publisher and advertiser alike.

Future of Publishing brought to you by BlogWorld and sponsored by VigLink.

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