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How can bloggers profit from images (part 2)? Find out in Future of Publishing!

make money from images

Murray Newlands in Future of Publishing episode 05

Last week, Noobpreneur showed an episode of Future of Publishing about profiting from images. But the episode was so deep that the producers wanted it split into more than one parts.

Here is the part two of Future of Publishing episode 05, featuring Oliver Roup and Murray Newlands in an inspiring interview with Rey Flemings and Chas Edwards.

The interview shed some lights on some interesting issue about image monetization.

Highlights from part 2

  • No one clicks on banner ads anymore…
  • Because readers have “flag” them as ads in their minds…
  • So, ads need to be presented within the content…
  • And these ads need to be interactive, like in-content image ads.

Interactive image ads work by essentially putting a product link inside an image. So, for example, if you have a picture that has a soccer player in it wearing a Nike shoe, there could be an ad on the shoe that provides a link to that exact shoe on Nike’s website. The ad can either be pay per click or it can be an affiliate link.

A big indicator of how much income you can generate will be based on how focused your advertising is. So, if you have a website about all kinds of shoes, that Nike ad will sell some shoes if you have enough viewers, but not as much as that same ad on a soccer website. Even more so than other types of ads, monetized images need to be very focused in order to reap maximum profit. You therefore need to know your readers very well in order to be able to maximize your profits.

To prevent your readers slowly becoming blind to your ads (which may happen eventually), you should choose a system that is not invasive and does not annoy the readers and cause them to leave your site.

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