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An Unofficial Guide to Project Management in plain English

project management guide

What should I know about managing projects?

Today, let’s talk about project management. Sounds scary to some people – especially when you read a particular wiki on Wikipedia about it! – but the idea behind it is pretty simple and straightforward, really.

This article is aimed for early stage entrepreneurs and project managers who are looking for info on project management from a slightly different perspective… read on!

Project management explained, in plain English

Project management is all about taking care of the “necessary evil” that will make a project successful: Project planning, time tracking, resource planning etc. What deemed to be a successful project? The answer is achieved goals. Project managers – referring to anyone taking care of projects, including solopreneurs – work toward those goals in timely manner.

In order to take care of the things required to make a project successful, a project manager should use tools other than pen-and-paper – seriously. You need something that will help you out. The bottom line, you need software and the knowledge to turn a plan into reality.

Project management software

As a project manager, you definitely need a tool – in this case, software. With such software, you can manage everything from a single dashboard or control center. You can allocate and track everything from the dashboard.

There are plenty of project management software on the market today. The technology advances in IT – including cloud computing technology – have led to a new breed of software: Online (or cloud-based) project management software.

Online project management software is not necessarily better than the offline counterparts. However, there are certain perks that the online solutions can offer project managers: They are available 24/7 and accessible anytime, anywhere; such software enhances productivity, as well as promoting location independent collaboration among team members.

Project management knowledge

As a project manager, you should not only be able to use the software, you also need to be able to well-equip yourself with the right knowledge – and learn continuously (kaizen.) Sure, experience matters, but knowledge can get you there quicker! Remember, you need approximately 10,000 hours to become an expert – so, the right time to start enriching yourself with project management knowledge is NOW.

To tap on the pulse of project management trends, you should read, watch and listen about them. Read magazines and journals; search the web for project management; watch videos on; visit credible project management software reviews; check on professional associations; and many more.

What’s next?

In addition to the resources I mentioned above, I recommend you to visit It’s a partner of mine’s. It’s still a relatively new site, but I can vouch for it – it has quality content. You can get useful project management software reviews to help you decide which software is the right one for your company, as well as articles to keep yourself updated on what’s going on in project management.

Good luck in your entrepreneurial and professional journey!

Ivan Widjaya
Project management in plain English

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  • I’m really not that “techy” kind of person but I guess laptops, tablets and other kinds of task managing gadgets are really essential in keeping you in line with your task. Though its really in your own personal discipline that determines how you do with your management skills.

  • Cheers, Sara!

  • Cheers for your recommendation, Mike! It’s a good tool…

  • Sara

    I visited the link you have provided above, though just over viewed but looked fine to me. I will share more with you in future the time I’ll use it. Thanks for this cool recommendation Ivan.

  • I might have put the knowledge before the software tools :) but over all, good points. It’s important that you understand HOW to manage a project (in terms of cost, scope, time, etc.) before you start hunting around for tools to do the job with.

    When you DO start hunting for tools, I’d recommend you try out HappyTODOS. With an intuitive interface making it easy to re-order tasks and projects (which automatically changes priorities and estimations, of course) and an easy-to-understand dashboard so you can see at any given point how your projects are doing – it’s a good choice for any size of project. You can sign up for free at