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5 Events for Newbie Startup Entrepreneurs

There are thousands of new startups that launch and fizzle out each and every month, offering proof positive that you’re going to need an extra edge if you plan to… Read more »
Social Media

3 Social Media Marketing Trends to Adopt

We made it, folks! December 21 has come and gone, and we are still standing. Not that there was much question of that, but having lived through a couple of… Read more »

4 Events to Bring Your Startup to the Public

In today’s crowded, yet innovative, business landscape, startups come a dime a dozen, making it that much more difficult for business ideas worthy of praise to get noticed in the… Read more »

What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Funding

In the world of business, cash rules everything. Even the best ideas, brightest products, and most innovative services requires the financial backing necessary to get said idea off the ground,… Read more »

5 Promising Startups to Watch in 2013

Given the wealth of opportunity that the web offers, fresh startups come fast and furious, flooding the online world with high expectations before often burning out, never to be heard… Read more »

Online Reputation Research: Tips for Buyers

The internet is forever. Almost a cliche now in the ongoing campaign to make people aware of protecting their personal information while online, the ever-evolving social web is causing more… Read more »
Personal Development

4 Best Education Tips for Home-Based Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is all about KAIZEN Being a successful entrepreneur requires ingenuity, a strong work ethic and skills that the world at large is willing to pay for, and these qualities… Read more »

How to Use YouTube Channel for Marketing and Branding

YouTube is only used by young adults to post ridiculous videos in the hopes of getting the most online hits, right? Wrong. YouTube channels are actually powerful social media marketing… Read more »

How to Hear Back from Your Readers and Followers (Setting up Polls, Surveys and Quizzes)

hipster grafitti by striatic, on FlickrBeing stuck is one of the major problems of an entrepreneur. Working for 6 months on one project, trying to make the most of it,… Read more »

Crowdsourcing’s Impact on Small Business Branding

Crowdsourcing Despite the cons, which usually come from established designers or other creative professionals who don’t like to work on spec, crowdsourcing is gaining popularity, mainly for the benefits it… Read more »
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