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Chris Birk is a former newspaper and magazine writer who now works for a pair of Inc. 500 companies, including military home-buying hub VA Mortgage He also teaches at a private Midwestern university. Follow him on Twitter.

Personal Development

The Focused Entrepreneur Gets the Worm

Finding Focus Angel investors and VCs have a rule of thumb that they would rather invest in a great team over a great idea.   Entrepreneurs who possess traits like hard… Read more »

Should I Seek out Angel Investment for my Start-Up?

Angel Investing If you’re a new business, you’ve probably struggled or are currently struggling with finances. Lack of start-up capital can significantly impact a business in a whole host of… Read more »

The Search for Start-Up Capital: Entrepreneurs Should Investigate Royalty Based Financing

Royalty Based Financing Entrepreneurs in search of investment capital walk a financial tightwire. In traditional angel investment or venture capital circles, the give-and-take is relatively clear: The entrepreneur cedes equity… Read more »

Why Surety Bonds Can Prove Crucial for Start-Ups

Start-Ups and Surety Bonds Entrepreneurs generally have a mile-long checklist in the build up to launching their new venture. But one item in particular routinely fails to make the cut:… Read more »

Venture Capital Opportunities for Small Businesses

venture capital Counted among the nation’s most powerful homegrown companies, AOL, FedEx, Intel and Apple all share another common bond: These multibillion-dollar companies each started thanks to venture capital fostered… Read more »
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