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Chris Birk is a former newspaper and magazine writer who now works for a pair of Inc. 500 companies, including military home-buying hub VA Mortgage He also teaches at a private Midwestern university. Follow him on Twitter.


Five “Ancient” Marketing Ploys That Still Work in the Internet Age

With the advent of Internet marketing people have been quick to abandon the wide range of advertising avenues made available to them prior to the web. While forward thinking is… Read more »

From Geriatrics to Online Colleges: Five Industries Guaranteed to Grow in the Near Future

Every entrepreneur wants to know what the next big thing is going to be. Demand for future innovation is the fuel that drives free market enterprise. Much of it requires… Read more »

Entrepreneur Q-and-A with Internet Strategist Danny DeMichele

Founder and CEO of eVisibility, Danny DeMichele, calls himself an “Internet Consultant,” and after 10 years of marketing and selling numerous health, e-commerce, and Internet marketing companies, his undoubted success… Read more »

Investment-Minded Entrepreneurs Should Keep Close Eye on China

You have your brokerage accounts and you’ve shaved your trading costs to the bone. You’re a savvy investor with a balanced portfolio, and you understand currency markets the way an… Read more »

Spotlight Your Service: Entrepreneurs Should Tout Military Ties

Here’s a somewhat staggering stat: More than 70 percent of Americans would rather patronize a veteran-owned business over a comparable civilian-owned company. That’s according to a study by the National… Read more »

The Power of Retargeting

Statistically, only 2 percent of visitors who click an ad on your website will purchase anything during their first visit to the site. The majority of online business owners typically… Read more »

Crafting a Killer Elevator Pitch

If someone asked you to sum up your business in one minute or less, would you be able to do it? Or would you panic and be unable to come… Read more »

Crafting a Marketing Message That Sticks

Inevitably, every new business will be driven to find creative ways to market their merchandise. Don’t be fooled into thinking the Internet is the best way to locate customers who… Read more »

Navigating the Legal Needs of Your Start-Up

Lawyers are a necessary evil for business ventures. Not that lawyers are evil. It’s just an expression. They’re actually integral to a successful start-up. You need them for a host… Read more »

What Facebook’s Facelifts Mean for Entrepreneurs

Let’s have a quick look at the privacy storm swirling around the social networking behemoth as of late. In the last few weeks, Facebook underwent several changes, ranging from new… Read more »
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