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Chad Stewart is a staff writer for who has worked in business for the better part of 16 years now. He got his start in the down-and-dirty world of intermodal logistics management, before moving into more challenging roles in retail and warehouse management. Chad holds both a Business Marketing and Operations Management degree from Sir Sandford Fleming College. In his spare time he enjoys traveling the world, time with his dog, fishing, snowshoeing, watching UFC and is an avid fitness buff.

Personal Development

Workplace Etiquette: Why Your Inappropriate Jokes Aren’t Funny

Understanding and adhering to proper workplace etiquette has never been more important than it is in this day and age. The old saying “He who laughs first laughs last” doesn’t… Read more »

5 Reddit Marketing Tips Brands Must Follow to be Successful

I’ve been inspired to do a post about Reddit marketing ever since I had a discussion with a failing business owner a couple of months ago. A failing business owner… Read more »

Silence: The Most Effective Negotiation Tool?

The ability to negotiate is definitely not one that’s inborn. Some develop it early on in childhood for a number of reasons ranging from being influenced by people they spend… Read more »

3 Proven Tips to Handle First Sales Meetings With New Clients

The days of easy sales are long gone. Every corner of the world is connected now and competition can reach out to all your existing and potential clientele with a… Read more »
Personal Development

Not an Early Bird? Science Says Night Owls Are Smarter!

Night owls of the world can once again hold their heads up high! It appears proof that late-night grinders and noon-time risers might just have a mental edge over the… Read more »
Personal Development

Tips to Grow as a Person and Attract More Professional Opportunities

The thing with personal development that sticks out most to me is how there’s always a trickle-down effect into the number and quality of opportunities that come our way when… Read more »
Personal Development

3 Lessons from Athletics that Apply to Entrepreneurship

Successful entrepreneurship is all about mindset — and a whole heck of a lot of luck! Especially when you’re starting out. Even with the smartest mentor on your side, there’s… Read more »

Why Businesses Need to Recycle Old Electronics

Approximately 2 million tons of electronics are thrown in the trash every year, including 128 million cellphones. Such a tragedy that so many expensive resources are contained in these wasted… Read more »

5 Tips for Running a Successful Storefront SME

Running a small-to-medium size enterprise, or “SME” for those who have so little time to spare you prefer to communicate in acronyms and text speak, isn’t getting any easier. The… Read more »

10 Signs Your Best Employee May be Planning Their Exit

The true cost of employee turnover is different for every company. Some legitimate sources say when a well trained employee leaves, it can cost the company anywhere from 16 –… Read more »