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What is Bitgold in a Nutshell?

Introduction Bitgold is a Canadian financial technology company that provides the general public the opportunity to conduct financial transactions as well as hold monetary savings in physical gold bullion, in… Read more »

Why Missed Calls and Bad Telephone Experiences Harm your Company (Infographic)

Despite advances in technology, businesses still receive up to 80% of their incoming communications via the telephone. The idea that customers only email or tweet businesses these days is a… Read more »

Is the Value of Your Services in Sync With Your Rates?

Setting appropriate prices is one of the trickiest aspects of doing business for any size outfit, but the risks you assume by pricing incorrectly are even more significant when you’re… Read more »

How to Get Started at Events and Exhibitions

Starting a business can be an extremely scary task and a very steep learning curve from managing your income, paying taxes, keeping your new business afloat and being self-employed to… Read more »

Have You Enrolled Your Hardware Startup in The 16-week LaunchHouse Accelerator (LHX) Fall Program?

Whether you like it or not technology is becoming a saturated market for fledgling startups. Think about it – There are currently more than 300 software specific accelerator programs being… Read more »

Five Tips for Boosting Office Productivity

Whether you run a business from home or work in a large office, you need to be well organised and focused if you are going to be as productive as… Read more »

5 Ways to Protect your Gadgets on Business Trips

What is the worst thing that can happen on a business trip? Perhaps you think it’s being laughed at by your peers or failing to close that big deal. In… Read more »

Pivoting to a Better Tomorrow: One Startup Story

How does the saying go, “Need is the mother of all inventions?” Well, in our story, innovation was the mother, and need was the thing that slapped us in the… Read more »

Why Mobile Devices are Stifling Creativity and Collaboration

There are many arguments about when and what the first really smart phone was, but when IBM brought Simon onto the market in 1993, it was an age when personal… Read more »