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Jimi is an up and coming young entrepreneur, he grew up with a family of entrepreneur’s and caught the bug early. He acquired most of, if not all his business skills working with both parents. He is the co-owner of T&J enterprise a supplier company based in New Jersey. He runs BagAWriter.


5 Steps To Finding Your Path To Profit For First Time Entrepreneurs

Business startup profitsLet me guess, you’re fed up. You’re finally thinking of starting something for yourself, but you’re not quite sure yet. You are worried about capital, terrified of failure,… Read more »

5 Startup Misconception

Startup misconception Starting a business is hard I know that, but perhaps we’ve been   lead astray and taken to seriously all the socially acceptable ways of starting a business. You… Read more »

Bag a Writer, Live and in Beta

Writers marketplacePress release by Jimi Olaghere, Noobpreneur Business Blogger (profile) Bag A Writer is a new site for freelance writers that was launched into beta in March 2010. The founder,… Read more »

5 Ways To Market Your Freelance Career

FreelancingAlthough being a freelancer is not fully a business, you still have to market yourself and your services if you intend to put food on the table with this heavily… Read more »

Do It Your Self: 3 Things You Should Never Pay an “Expert” to Do

Do it yourself Let’s face it, human beings are really lazy creatures. Compared to the assiduous caveman we barely have to lift a finger. Can you imagine if you had… Read more »

8 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Website

Business websiteAccording to studies done last year by IDC about 46% of small businesses still don’t have websites.  So basically this post is dedicated to business owners who don’t believe… Read more »

Keeping Your Friends and Followers

Who loves me follow meYour friends and followers are very vital to your success with social media marketing. Without them, your basically talking to an empty room. You know that… Read more »

A Noobz Guide To Picking The Right Business Partner

Choosing the right business partnerFinding the right business partner is a risk all on its own. Get it wrong and you will be royally screwed. Get it right; you might… Read more »

Assessing Your Risk

Risk taking endeavour Ivan talked about why people are afraid to take the necessary risk to become an entrepreneur in his post, now I’m going to talk about assessing the… Read more »