Bag a Writer, Live and in Beta

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Press release by Jimi Olaghere, Noobpreneur Business Blogger (profile)

Bag A Writer is a new site for freelance writers that was launched into beta in March 2010. The founder, being frustrated with many of the popular classified listing sites and faux job postings online, decided that there had to be a better way.

At Bag A Writer, professional freelance writers will find genuine jobs to bid on, and clients will find professional writers in whom they can put their trust. As the site grows, more and more opportunities for listing and bidding will be available.

Each writer who registers at Bag A Writer is encouraged to complete a professional profile which can be viewed by prospective clients. Once the bidding process starts, a chat room will become live for communication between the writer and the prospective employer. As writers complete more projects, their viewable profile rankings are improved.

Each employer who lists a job on Bag A Writer also has the opportunity to complete a profile. The more information that is offered on the site, the better. Bag A Writer is committed to matching the right writer with the results desired by the employer. Employers are also encouraged to provide as much detail as possible in their job postings; it is quite helpful to the writers to know the exact specifications of a prospective project.

Once a project is awarded, the project amount is put into escrow for the protection of both the employer and the writer. Payments are made through PayPal only.

Another great function that you can find at Bag A Writer is their “Student Center”, where students can get tutored   for a variety of subjects at a fixed rate.

If you are a writer seeking a more controlled site on which to bid for great projects, an employer looking for a professional writer for your project, or a student seeking academic assistance online, log onto Bag A Writer. Although we are still in Beta, the more employers and writers we match, the more responsive the site will be to everyone!