Website + Good SEO = New Business

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My new project –

Business is all about grabbing an opportunity when it presents itself, gaining customers before structure is the way I like to do it, you limit the risk. The upside is always more profitable if you know what it is before you begin to structure the processes.

So I am now the proud SEO’er behind, the Google of the claims market. We are looking to hit the ground running and from an SEO point of view who could argue with us. We have:

  • A 15 year old domain
  • Existing traffic
  • Old old old links from government and education sources that are just pure gold
  • #1-3 in for “claims” and #1 in

Personal injury claims is the mecca, the light at the end of the tunnel if you will, the market is perhaps the most competitive around today and will take some strategy, business intelligence and a little bit of luck (as all businesses need). Though luck is not lucky, you make your own luck and for me we have perhaps the best claims related domain, proposition and potential in the world, we deserve some luck. Business is not hard work, it is easy, the hard part is putting yourself in a position to make business easy.

With the claims flying through the door, one would assume the future is rosie for But with the National Accident Helpline in the UK and countless huge players in the US twitching their heads looking at the new kids on the block, it wont be long until they come knocking on the Google door. Until then, we are in a position to make business easy, we will strive to create and expand at a rate needed to accommodate such a large void in the claims market.

Due to the endeavour of our team and the speed at which this has all happened, I would be grateful for you guys to cast your eye over the site and point out any bugs, ideas or opportunities you may have.


Danny Chapman