The Need for Internet Security for Small Businesses

internet security
Internet security
Many small businesses believe that SSL certificates are high-end/high-cost technology and are only needed for large businesses. But built within these larger organisations already are brand recognition and a trust that is not instilled and enjoyed by its smaller rivals.

Installing an SSL certificate is your first step to gaining trust online and the confidential and sensitive information that the customer exchanges with you is secure. Indeed it is the customers’ first barrier of defense.

Today many businesses rightly prioritise internet security very highly and with numbers of incidents of phishing, hacking and internet frauds on the rise, companies need to be vigilant and show their online users that they can give customers and prospective customers the confidence they need to start filling their shopping carts.

In the age of convenience, online shopping offers customers a seemingly unlimited choice coupled with the comfort and flexibility to shop at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and if your business lacks the authority of a SSL certificate, then the chances of keeping customers on your website is slim.

During online activity, financial and personal details are transferred from one server to another and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) ensures the consumers information is transferred in a secure way.

SSL enables the secured data transfer through the method of encryption and the personal details of the consumer like user id, password and credit card details are coded and the encrypted data is deciphered exclusively to the retailer on their server. Businesses that are certified SSL sites provide the customer with the confidence that your website offers them a secured payment system.

SSL web certificates were traditionally very expensive, but are now readily available and you can even get trial, free SSL certificates that are very easily within the financial reach of many small businesses. Indeed there is no reason now for a customer to use a website which does not provide this fundamental protection and there is no longer any reason for any business, whether large or small, not to have its web presence protected with SSL certificate technology.