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Creating an Invoice that Will Get Paid

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often find it challenging to create an invoice. Even when they do manage to put one together they may find they aren’t being paid as… Read more »

Flying Is Expensive, Save Money Where You Can

DIY Wiring Fixes You may be surprised to find a great deal of projects that would traditionally require professional service can be simply done by an uninitiated layman. Wiring solutions… Read more »

Why is Fuel Management Important for Business Development

Effective fuel management can have a huge impact on your business’ success and development. As one Guardian study revealed, driving more efficiently can save you up to £800 a year… Read more »

8 Simple Steps To Successful Execution of New Strategies

Executing and implementing new strategies (processes, practices, values, etc.) can be a daunting task, even in a rather small company or organization. Like anything we do in business or life,… Read more »

5 Green Business Ideas for Profit and the Common Good

Starting a conventional business today is pretty tough – on the one hand, competition is exorbitant, on the other hand, more and more people are sick of being mere consumers.… Read more »

Proof Company Uniforms Really Do Matter

There are a number of different reasons companies forgo traditional uniforms and allow employees to choose what apparel they’ll wear to work. You may think you’re being thrifty, saving on… Read more »

10 Tips for Silver Bullion Investors

The silver market can seem like a daunting place for newcomers, with prices that can fluctuate dramatically on a daily basis, and the added confusion of charges such as VAT.… Read more »

Facing Redundancy: Here’s What You Need to Know

So the time has come: your role is in danger of being made redundant. You had an idea that bad news was on the way. Perhaps you’ve seen colleagues leave,… Read more »
Personal Development

Tai Lopez Discusses the Importance of Defining Your Life’s Purpose

At one point in his life, entrepreneur Tai Lopez was in a place that he never wants to see anyone in, ever again. He was almost flat broke, with only… Read more »

New Cable Protection to Improve Rail Industry’s Safety & Performance

Any new system that improves safety and performance is always a welcomed one. Multilayer cable protection technology, which provides improvements in the safety and efficiency of trains, has been created… Read more »