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Prime Outsourcing: Offshore Staff Leasing Company

You can’t deny the fact that outsourcing is so hip! From humongous companies, such as Microsoft, to your neighbourhood two-wheeler repair shop, Mike the Motorcycle Mechanics – all do outsourcing in a certain extent. Microsoft outsourced its Call Center operations overseas, while Mike the Motorcycle Mechanics outsourced its motorcycle detailing services.

It’s so hip, that nowadays, anyone try to handle his/her business by him/her-self will be considered as anti-social and socio-phobia! :D

Anyway, I was cordially invited by a business contact to have a look at her outsourcing business. As I explore her company website, I have to say something about it. With all due respect to other outsourcing companies, they may provide quality outsourcing services, but her outsourcing company IS hip, sociable and so web 2.0!

Prime Outsourcing, a Philippine-based outsourcing company, offer outsourcing services one step further – While other outsourcing companies battle for securing long-term call center contracts (it always happen in better-english-speaking Asian outsourcing providers, such as India, Malaysia and Philippine – They are battling to close call center deals with European and North American big companies), Prime Outsourcing differs itself from the rest. Here’s why.

Internet-based Content outsourcing services

Sure, you’ll encounter this more and more often in the future, but right now Prime Outsourcing is one of the unique provider of this outsourcing niche.

From general tasks, such as search engine submission, email answering service, and message posting, to creative writing, such as blog posting, SEO writing, and daily website content writing – You feel that you should have this kind of service earlier! Other services includes web design and developing, graphic designing, and video editing – a complete package.

Web 2.0-savvy Virtual Assistants

Although the concept of virtual assistant (VA) services is not new, the specialisation of web 2.0-savvy VA is quite new (and lucrative!). This area is currently in a high demand due to the inevitable facts that blogging and friendster-ing is not only for fun anymore – it’s the $$$ – and $$$ will only come if ads, posts and contents are being written right and on target. Prime Outsourcing can do this for you.

So many things to talk about Prime Outsourcing, but rather than blabber with useless words, I’d suggest that you should better be visiting their website now if you are really thinking about outsourcing your works.

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