Why Googol Rules

GoogleGoogol, representing a numeric one with 100 number of zeros after it, rules in today’s Internet.

Googol? What’s Googol? Why is it significant?

The ‘ruler’ of Internet world – Google. Google’s name derives from Googol.

Why Google rules – The Noobpreneur Point of View

The answer is quite simple – it rules because it answers the necessity of the people surfing the Internet – to search the abundant data and information available.

While there are dozens of search engine companies, Google (and Yahoo!) stands out of the crowd. Google does search the web better in some ways – thanks to the gang of smart PhDs employed – but it is not really dominant in term of search capability.

Why Google stands out? It has resources. Where does Google get the resources from? From the surfer, for the surfer.

The AdWords and AdSense. The alfa and omega, the first and the last. THAT’s where the humongous amount of resources are from.

Resources are paramount

No matter how good or cutting-edge your project is, VC (Venture Capitalist) and investor money boost a business through the roof.

Google is big because of the VCs role. VCs money enable Facebook to hire more high salaried smart people to create better applications and systems. All applied to Yahoo!, Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Craiglist, etc.

No matter how good you and your business are, it’s the investor who make or break your business. Have a look at Agloco – the paid to surf the Net company – lack of funding halt the development, hence ruining its potential.

As soon as your business getting through the roof, you can soon find the resources yourself – thanks to the established market and network.

How to rule like Google

No secret – Google’s formula is simple, yet nearly impossible to copy! Here’s how:

  • Seek the right ‘geek’ – Not all geek can make money, but the right type of geek can be one of the most richest people on earth.
  • Seek the right window of opportunity – Google was founded at the right time – the Internet is at its early stage of booming, and Google is right on it since day one.
  • Seek the right funding – Google’s initial funding term is crucial in determining the early success. It’s not the amount of funding that counts – it’s how ownership is shared among shareholders and the terms underlying it that count.

Ivan WIdjaya
No matter how you hate it, Google rules :)