A Million Dollar Blogger – A Realistic You?

It is darn hard to create money out of blogs – that includes this blog :P

Bloggers are well known for free content providers. Bloggers are also known as being generous when it comes to providing valuable information. However, bloggers are not known for money makers.

Only a few of us that can make real money out of their blogs – Yaro Starak, John Chow, and Darren Rowse to name a few that earn the title of probloggers – that is, those that have authoritative voices in blogging world.

Bloggers – Hidden Champions?

I’ve visited blogs with excellent content, but not monetised well. But I’ve also noticed that more and more of them are trying to monetize their blogs, with a small success.

Here’s how I observe them – I observe what a blog can do financially by visiting Sitepoint Marketplace often.

There, you will find websites, which some of them are blogs, listed for sale. Some of them are mediocre, but some of them are exceptional.

The good ones I’ve seen has made anywhere from $50 to $1000 per month.

Not particularly a bad earning for a blog, but given the potentials that blogs have, I firmly believe that blogs can do more financially following the right path to go.

A million dollar blogger – good possibilities to be one?

I’ve recently stumbled upon Yaro Starak’s interview with one of the problogger in Australia’s automotive blogs, Alborz Fallah. His automotive blog is among the leading blogs in Australia, and has been valued by certified auditors for 5 million dollars. He raked in $30,000 a month about one year ago – so, go figure it yourself how much he makes nowadays :)

Just make sure you read his post and listen to the interview podcast, then you will see a simple, yet powerful, perspective of blog monetization.

Saying this, I am a total noob in blogging – I’m still at beginner’s stage of blogging. I swallow all information on make money online.

I do business online, as a noob, this past 5 months, and I learn a great deal.

One lesson that keep me faving on online businesses is that you have to take action out of what you learn. Those bloggers giving you tips for free are no rubbish! They know what they are talking about.

Perhaps not like what you are thinking of online business, make money online is actually not that complicated.

What will probably fail me and you, is our determination to stick to what we have been doing. 95% people trying to make money online fail because they stop digging right before they strike gold.

So, in conclusion, yes – being a million dollar blogger is possible, if you do the right things, keep doing them, and on the right time, at the right place. Then striking gold is suddenly not that hard anymore – if you succeed, people will go to you offering something that will only make you even more successful. This is also Alborz Fallah’s case.

The question is, do you think that being a million dollar blogger a realistic thing to achieve?

Ivan Widjaya
Aiming to be a million dollar blogger.