Ready to Make Money Online? Get Yourself a Domain Name

I’ve started falsely before and learned the hard way about the importance of domain name for your blogging to make money online.

Like most others, I started out at and I love the feeling of starting out of nothing for my make money online journey by blogging – especially if I can earn money out of my blogs.

However, I finally understood that I’m not building assets.

If you blog for money, your blog is a real business – treat it like one

If you are keen to blog for money, you have to realise that, just like other businesses, you have to build both cash flow and asset.

Free-hosted blogging might be a great solution for blogging for cash flow at nothing down, but not for asset building.

Yes, your unique content is yours and it is an asset, but what would happen if your domain name is not? In fact, your domain name is belong to the free blogging service providers.

Just like in the offline world of business, your blog’s asset is not only product (in this case, content) but also brand name – a.k.a. domain name. Not having a domain name is like having a business without a unique brand name.

The proof that domain name is an important asset

Just try to list your blog for sale in online marketplace. No matter how much you make, you won’t get any offer – even you will get scolded by the marketplace visitors! I’ve seen it before, so you can trust me on this :)

One excellent article that also chime the importance of having your own domain name and host the blog yourself is Make Money Blogging: Host Your Blog on a Custom Domain Name.

The blog owner, Alan Liew, really learns the hard way by not having his own domain name. He also states that not only his blog’s domain name belong to, but also he can’t sell the blog if he decided to do so!

That’s really unfortunate, because in my opinion, his blog, Money Maker Info, is one of the better make money online blog out there on the Net – unique and interesting articles, with exceptional income, I suspect ;)

The only action plan – get a domain name, host the blog yourself, and start creating outstanding content

What to do now?

As suggested above – the only action plan is: get a domain name, host the blog yourself, and start creating outstanding content. The rest will eventually come to you as long as you blog consistently and resiliently :)

Ivan Widjaya
Make money online