Construction Business Management – Be Organised, Be Competitive

Getting organised is paramount for every business.

In my country, construction business – at the most advanced way – incorporate the spreadsheets, while most other simply rely on pen and paper.

You know what, this gotta change!

I’m in Business and IT industries – I understand the value of software in business management. One word only to describe the importance: use software or die.

In today’s cut-throat competitive environment, staying ahead of your competitors are very, very important. Start tarrying, you will find yourself left in the dust.

Now, to compare.

I had lived in United Kingdom for 2 years, about 4 years ago. All I can say is that the construction industry there is advanced – especially if you compare UK to the country I live right now. Everything is well-planned – tidy road work tents, clear signs for drivers, and so on.

I enjoyed writing my thesis on Carillion, the leading infrastructure, building and business services companies in UK. I learn a great deal of it and its business in construction.

During the thesis writing, I also notice that Sage Accounting Software is THE accounting software of UK. To relate to the case study I was on, Sage is actually releasing a construction software that offer a fully integrated solution for the construction companies to be better organised.

To cut the long story short, I concluded that what make a construction company well managed is the right software it employ – in this case, Sage Construction Software.

About Construction Software

Ledger Services Ltd. is one of the authorised suppliers of the Sage software range, with one of its specialisation is on the construction software. What makes this company trusted is the fact that it uses the Sage software itself.

Browsing through the website, I notice that if a construction company should pick a solution to manage its business, the right choice would be Sage Construction Service to manage the construction-specific front-end, with Sage 50 Accounts Professional to manage the more general back-end. Having them both, in my opinion, will push your construction company ahead of your competitors. Trust your construction business management software needs to ledger Services Ltd.

Cheers to the UK construction industry!

Ivan Widjaya
Keen on construction industry

Note: I simply love the UK classic building construction system – with the red bricks and the insulation system – I wish I could applied it to my home :D