How to Find a Good Domain Name Registrar

You have found a great domain name suited for your weblog or website. And the best of all, the dot com name is available! That’s a hard find today :)

Now, your next step is to find the right domain name registrar.

I’ve done domain name registrations with several notable registrars, and for a number of domain names, because I’m actually owning dozens of websites and dozens more of domain names.

In my humble opinion, each of registrar has its own strengths and weaknesses. I have a tip or two for you on how to find a good domain name registrar.

How to find a good domain name registrar

In choosing the right registrar for your domain name, you might want to consider the following:

  1. The range of services – does the registrar offer you not only domain name registration, but also other services as well, such as web hosting, SSL certificates, etc.?
  2. The reputation – what clients say about the registrar?
  3. The price tags – how competitive is the pricing and promo programmes the registrar has?
  4. The customer support – how well the registrar handle enquiries?
  5. The peace of mind – do you feel ‘save’ with the regsitrar?

A recommendation for you

In my search for a registrar to add to my long list of registrar partners, I just found one that stands up above the rest –

I have registered more than 30 domain names with them and I honestly recommend this registrar for two big plus – free privacy protection and simple (and fast) one-stop domain management system (compared to’s too-obscure and too-slow domain management system.)

Privacy protection is important to protect you from spam and identity theft. I fave Namecheap’s simple one-stop domain management system that allows me to manage my domain names with ease from my admin panel.

Registering a domain with is a breeze – the registration process is simple and straightforward. No double opt-in registration process, thus speeds up the process in itself.

The control panel is simple yet comprehensive – and as I mentioned above, domain names management is easy and the privacy protection is free. also offer other services, such as web hosting and SSL certificates to complement it’s domain name registration services. Just give it a shot and see whether it is the right registrant for you.

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Ivan Widjaya