Automotive Graphic Design Business: Starts Yours by Learning the Basics

I’m into graphic and web design, and as far as I know, it’s a lucrative business, both offline and online, if you know your game.

As a graphic and web design freelancer, I understand the value of learning the basics. People can have great design tastes, but learning the basics is what turn your tastes into, well, cash – it’s why you want to be a freelancer, after all, right?

I also enjoy car modification, in term of design – decals design, body modification, and colour application.

If you ask what modded car I like most, it’s gotta be Chrysler C300… Owning one in the future, perhaps? :D

Anyway, I found this interesting tutorial – Photoshop Car Tutorials, that teach you how to design a ‘normal’ car into modded one using the Adobe Photoshop tools.

I actually follow one of its tutorials in applying an image as decals on the car surface – it’s a great tip, in my opinion.

Automotive graphic design business – lucrative?

I actually enjoyed the creations of my favourite automotive graphic design when I was living in the UK.

I visit Merry Hill Shopping Centre in West Midlands, England a lot, and one graphic shop I often visit to see is the framed automotive drawings and designs for automotive enthusiasts and hobbyists. Unfortunately, I can’t remember correctly the shop’s name. But all I can say, there are so many people visiting the shop – and buying, of course.

By saying that, I see a niche in automotive graphic design business – a lucrative niche, serving the advertising market and hobbyist a like.

How to start an automotive graphic design business

So, how to start an automotive graphic design business:

  • Learn the basic – Learn Adobe Photoshop and its tools, and learn the how-tos you can find online.
  • You have to find the right market to sell your design- car enthusiast forums would be a great starting point, as forums DO bring you business.
  • Add value – offer add-on services, like framing the design, posterise the design, and the best of all – design by request.
  • Practice, practice, and practice – practice does makes perfect!

I even am considering myself to enter this market, soon :)

Learn How To Photoshop Your Car Now!

Ivan Widjaya
Graphic design noobpreneur