Promotional Ideas and Tips for Your Business

Here’s a quick tip for you if you are looking for products for your business promotional campaign.

Consider titanium-based promotional items.

For my franchise units, I often offer plastic-based items for promotional purposes. It’s cheap, colourful, and an acceptable form of promotional items, at least in my regional market.

However, I don’t think cheap and colourful is acceptable anymore. It’s not unique, and to tell you the truth, it hurt my stores’ image somehow. Changes are needed, for sure.

Later on, I discover metal-based promotional items return positive responses from my clients receiving the gifts. The main drawback is the aluminum-based promotional items is not light-weight and not strong.

Not stopping there, I then look for titanium-based promotional items, for these reasons – light weight, strong, premium and unique.

A moment ago, I offered titanium-based business card cases as gifts for customers, and their responds are even better!

I suggest you to use this material for both promotional items and conversation starter. Here’s the explanation :)

Titanium promotional items for your selling

Titanium is the material that is used in a wide variety of applications including jet engines, rocket casings, nuclear submarines and Ferrari hubcaps. It’s light-weight and as strong as steel. You can have Money Clips and Groomsmans’ Gifts made from titanium and they will make a great gift options.

The above sentence is an example of what could start a good conversation with your clients, including potential clients, receiving your titanium promotional items! Trust me on this, I’ve done this and the result is awesome :)

Be different from your competitors

There’s a definite benefit of using titanium promotional items – you differentiate yourself from your competitors. In my local areas, promotional items are made of plastics. Offering titanium-based one will push you and your business as the leader of the pack.

Share your story about the promotional items you use to promote your business.

Ivan Widjaya
On promotional items