Increase Your Online Business Revenue Using Web Videos

I consider adding a video in my sites to add interactivity – and revenue.

People attracted to multimedia contents as they are highly interactive and image-audio combo actually explains better.

How web videos benefit your online business

Embedding a video in your site can increase conversion rates of your website, some claim anywhere from 50 per cent to 300 per cent increase.

Conversion rates can mean the conversion of website traffic to readers, to members, to product purchases, or to sites’ overall revenue.

You can achieve this in two ways: Embedding other’s video on your site or creating a web video yourself.

You can embed useful videos to your sites from many video sites, such as YouTube, Veoh, etc. However, the main drawback of this is that they usually contain advertisement. You’ll end up advertising others’ products or websites instead of yours.

However, having your own videos on your site or on video sites linking to your sites is the true traffic generator. This can be done by using a piece of software that can add video to website.

Web videos are also a great advertising campaign tool – Web videos can also be embedded with your own advertisement in order to increase more traffic, as well as more conversion.

How to make a web video

Here’s a simple way to make web videos:

  1. For a small scale video campaign, first of all, have a cast and a camcorder ready – simply start recording. A certain laptop, such as Apple MacBook Air has integrated recording capability.
  2. Create a streaming video with streaming video software, such as EasyFLV, that help you convert your video to web video format, edit and add other content, such as advertisement, to it.
  3. Publish the video on your site or on video site to drive traffic to your site.

That’s it.

The most important thing is your choice of streaming video software. I’d recommend you EasyFLV for ease of use, small file size (fast loading), and high compatibility with all web technology.

Ivan Widjaya
Web video for better conversion