How to Better Value Your Online Investment

If you involved in online investment, including website flipping – that is, buying-low-selling-high type of business – you always want to know the estimated value of your web properties.

Unfortunately, the free online tools today is not really lift up the standard – unless you want to spend top dollar for experts’ valuation.

I’ve used many tools to estimate roughly about my websites’ value. To mention some, I’ve used tools from and

In my humble opinion, both are decent, but considerably inaccurate. To sum:

    Value based on predicted traffic from Alexa, Google PageRank, inbound links and the Domain Name Value based on domaining marketplace price comparison
    The better option – value based on domain age, Google PageRank, Alexa, and inbound links

Although both tools can be used complementary to give you an estimate, both lacks important variables to taken into account.

And forget about’s your-blog-worth-5-million-dollar valuation – unless you are Yaro Starak or Darren Rowse, your blogs will likely valued way, way much lesser than those of the pro-bloggers :D

Luckily, there IS a website valuation tool that, in my opinion, overshadow others by far.

A free website valuation that consider you – the blog owner – as important factor

Here’s the answer of my long search for free website valuation tool, that is also recommended by –

This website business valuation tool consider your website’s profit and the website management resources needed to maintain, as well as the standard variables, such as the domain name age, traffic, Google PageRank, backlinks, and other typical measurements.

In fact, I use the tool myself to value this blog – USD 7960.00 at 80% confidence level (read my report). Pretty good, I guess :)

You can have a widget to be placed in your websites, email signature, or forums signature – it’s your call.

A word of advice – use this as a guide, not as the certified valuation made by experts.

That being said, I think is the most accurate website business valuation tool today that you can use with confidence :)

Ivan Widjaya
Website valuation