Small Business Credit Crunch – A Blessing in Disguise?

Light CloudAlmost all small businesses relies on credit to fund their operations or expansions.

That means, almost all small businesses experience credit crunch to a certain extent.

Some has gone bankrupt, some barely survive. But you might see credit crunch today has a positive upside or two.

A blessing in disguise for the economy and credit crunch victims

With all the collapse of the big guys of the finance world, such as AIG and Lehman Brothers, credit crunch today is obviously not anywhere near to be called a good event.

However, I would like to try to convince you that the credit crunch today is doing a thing or two that could actually help a small business and the economy.

How can credit crunch today could very well be a blessing in disguise?

    • Natural selection – Survival for the fittest
      Winners in, losers out – Only the strongest survives the credit crunch, and the surviving small businesses are candidates for you to deal with.
    • New small businesses emerge, particularly in the finance industry
      Believe it or not, the credit crunch today born new breed of small businesses that offer a ‘safety float’ for credit-strained clients. Some of the services offered is buy-and-rent-back real estate services, credit card balance transfer services, debt restructuring services, financial consulting services, and many more.

  • Uniting small business to work in collaboration
    The key word of the decade: collaborate. Your chance of surviving credit crunch alone is slim, but collaboration or creating a network will carry your small business over the storm – two heads are better than one.


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Just be ready to ride the wave – what’s come down, must come up

Are you a recession and credit crunch survivors? Just hold on and prepare yourself, as the history has already proved that what’s come down, must come up.

Make sure you have your surfing board ready, and wait for the best time to ride the wave :)

Ivan Widjaya
Just hold on and be resilient
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