How to be a Socially Responsible Small Business Owner

FundraisingDespite all of the recession hypes all over the world, you can actually do something for your local community, that also being hit by recession.


The community has give your business a lot, and it’s about time for you as a small business owner to give back to the community.

You might say, “Come on – our business is struggling to ace recession, and you asked me to give back?”

Well, giving back doesn’t always mean monetary gifts.

One of the most common ways for businesses to give back to their communities is through fundraising.

Of course, fundraising is always involving a certain amount of money for the fundraiser, in this case, your small business. However, doing fundraising will arguably cost you less money, but more involvement, and doing it almost always yield better result than simply donate a sum of money for your local organisations.

Starting and organising a fundraising event

You can start by searching for fundraising ideas online.

You will not only yield loads of ideas, but also interesting twists along with the fundraising ideas, such as ‘go green’ fundraising, that not only impact the people, but also the environment.

If you are not sure how to do fundraising the right way, you can always partner with non-profit organisations to help organise the fundraiser.

If you are more of an adventurous type of business owner, you might want to consider DIY your fundraising event.

Again, you can search the Net for a free fundraising kit and tips and tricks on how to start and organise a successful (and impacting) fundraising events.

My recommendation of fundraising idea

I feel that fundraising is more impacting if it is focused on kids (not mentioning it is a more fun kind of fundraising :D)

Fundraiser for kids always involve activities, such as painting with paint and brushes.

You can also ‘enhance’ your fundraising with ‘going green’ campaign that, in my opinion, will impact more, especially today. You can start with ‘green’ and organic materials used in the kids’ activities.

Why you should really consider doing fundraising

As a business owner, doing fundraising will help you impact more on your community. Owing a business is a privilege, as you can reach more people through your brand name.

In return, your business will, somehow, receive the positive publicity and reputation from your fundraising events.

One word of advice – never focus on what you will get in return of your fundraising events; It will backfire you – your fundraising events will appear ‘artificial’ and ‘fake’ – things you don’t want your local community feel about your business :)

Ivan Widjaya
Fundraising noob
Image by Samaritans of Walsall & District.