Small Business Should Partner with Merchant Services to Attract More Customers

Credit Card SwipeToday’s rough competition and tough recession push you, a business owner, to offer as much option as possible to your clients and customers.

It is considered as a smart move, if not a must-do.

In retailing, one of the areas that you can always improve is checking out process.

Checking out key success factors may include quick service, courtesy, cross-selling, and payment options.

Of all, payment options are the most important, as transaction flexibility is a strong add-on value.

Payment options made possible by merchant services, that allow businesses to accept payment made from a credit or debit card.

Merchant services

Merchant services today not only offer credit or debit card on-site transaction processing, but also other broad range of financial services for business, such as:

  • Wireless merchant account service, to do credit card processing anywhere, anytime.
  • Check conversion service, to convert checks into cash.
  • ECommerce transaction handling, to accept and manage payment made through the Internet.
  • Gift and loyalty card programs, to accept member management, along with the on-offer promo programs.

How to choose the right merchant services

To allow you the ease of payment processing management, I recommend you to partner with one merchant service provider that offer a broad range of financial services, such as Flagship Merchant Services, that is not only offer you payment options, but also other services, such as free set-up and credit card machine reprogramming.

Looking for recommendations is the best way to pick candidates. You can always look for recommendations from your business network, colleagues, and online review sites and forums.

How to attract more customer through your payment options

Obviously, the best way to attract more customers is to inform and ‘educate’ them about your business’ capability to handle various transactions made – cash, credit or debit cards, check and even online.

Better yet, co-brand with your merchant services provider to let your existing and potential customers know that you are taking payment processing seriously.

Take checking out and payment processing seriously, and your customers will take your business the same way!

Ivan Widjaya
On merchant services
Image by zbowling.