5 Tips to Get Customers Buy from You This Holiday Season

Retail StoreI’m literally thinking to put on a loudspeaker and shout some selling words to passer-by to get them enter my retail store, using the F-word.

Don’t misunderstand me – what I meant is FREE offers.

Getting customer these days is darn hard! If the F-word fails, I can probably just try to wash every customer cars free of charge to get them enter my store :)

Closing in to this year holiday season, things don’t really getting better.

You could blame the recession and global economic crisis for this, but us entrepreneurs should not point our fingers to others.

Stop looking for (lame) excuses – You’ve got to find a way to attract customers

Stop whining, start thinking.

I’ve read some articles and blog posts from the Net, and I found an article that is so simple, that we forget to do what the article suggest.

We are being busy finding innovative ways to promote our business, but we forgot the fundamentals.

How to get customers buy from you

These tips are from Entrepreneur.com, and I’ll add a thing or two from my own experience to the tips:

    1. Let money talk.
      Cash, fortunately, still can attract customers pretty well to buy something from you. I regularly offer cash backs to my buying customers, but I can’t really tell whether what I’m doing is effective – perhaps adding more $$$ to my offer?
    2. Make “value-added” your motto.
      Add value by bundling products and services to create a unique and hard-to-resist offer, with interesting price tag on it. This works well for me, and could be very well works perfectly for you – People always love to get more goodies.

  • Ensure that it rings true.
    Don’t be too good to be true, and hide the real details in small prints. Customers will run away from you if you start using too much asterisks and/or small prints with “terms and conditions apply” and such. In my case, this is I always avoid, because I hate small prints myself.
  • Be specific and clear.
    Don’t frustrate your customers – clearly state what you’re offering and how to get it. In my opinion, it took some skills to create a clear sales copy that is fairly explanative, as well as not too long so people stop reading your offer and go somewhere else. Hiring a copywriting wiz would be your best bet.
  • Give a reason to act now.
    This always be my favourite tip – Never mind the great sales pitch, small business owners often forget to get their customers to act now. This IS what I need to do urgently in my businesses.


Hopefully, those tips are useful to you, as they are to me. Good luck!

Ivan Widjaya
Dragging customers to my retail store right now :D
Image by Daquella Manera.