Smart Business Strategy in Recession: Do It Like The University Dodge Buy One Get Two Offer

buy1get2While most businesses tighten their budget on marketing, The has another idea.

Small business owners often make this mistake in cost-cutting regime – they cut their marketing budget above anything else.

So wrong.

Marketing is very important to bring in many prospects, that more often than not will increase your small business exposure and revenue.

While many marketing activities can be bootstrapped and cost-cut, small business owners like to do more, often in a wrong way. Some of them cut their marketing campaign budget excessively, so that the only room for marketing is your photocopied flyers in black and white.

You need to do something different in today’s recession

Ah, recession – the credit crunch, the stock market slump, and the disappearing customers.

What’s needed is something that will attract the slightest attention of your prospects, and you are back to the game.

Not simple, indeed.

However, a radical marketing campaign can bring you more than the money spend for your advertising.

Take what the much-hyped breaking news of’s radical promo campaign, the American way.

Why the fuss is all about?

Buy 1 Get 2 – No, not stationeries, but the all-new Dodge vehicles

Recession does show the best in people.

Rob Lambdin’s University Dodge based in Miami, Florida offer a deal that nobody can resist – Buy a Dodge, get the second one FOR FREE!

Basically, what you’ll get is a 60% off if you buy the 2008 Dodge Ram Trucks, or a 50% off if you buy 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan.

I don’t know about you, but this is one of the deals of the year – and a very smart move, if not a risky one.

Why the buy 1 get 2 Dodge deal a smart campaign

Offering buy 1 get 1 free for cars is uncommon in itself.

Although they might lose money, or at least breaking even in this promo campaign, the University Dodge gets what I believe is all the actually want in this deal.


Even I decided to reschedule today’s blog post into tomorrow because of what the University Dodge did.

And when I say buzz, it is really, really strong – just check out Google Trends to see where the news on rank :)

What will the buzz do? FREE INTERNATIONAL publication and coverage – thanks to the Internet.

Don’t be afraid doing radical things

If you want to thrive in recession, you need to learn what the University Dodge do. Not necessarily involving vehicles, though :)

The point is, people is tired off the all negativity in today’s economy. A fresh approach will always incite excitement to the people.

What the University Dodge do to the US economy? A small spark of optimism, that is contagious – not only locally, but internationally.

Now that’s what I call influence!

Ivan Widjaya
Can they deliver outside the US? :D